Washington Father Investigated After Posting Facebook Comment Calling For Someone To Massacre Opposing School After Close Basketball Game

The-Facebook-message-from-a-Skyline-father-that-started-a-police-investigation-Facebook-via-KATUWe have previously seen parents who appear less mature than their children in responding to sporting events. We would have to add a father of a student with Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview High basketball team who responded to a contentious game with a call for someone to massacre students at Camas (Wash.) High. There are calls for criminal charges and the father, who has not yet been identified, is barred from the school grounds.

Skyview High School beat Camas 44-42. However, that was not enough for the father who went to Facebook to post the following statement: “Camas fans!!!!! Worst in the league!!!!! I hope someone shoots up their school real soon!!!!!!!!”

Parents were understandably a bit peeved at the suggestion of a massacre to address a basketball disagreement. Camas police have launched an investigation.

The man later reportedly sent a message downplaying the comment and, while I find the comment uniquely stupid and reprehensible, I do not believe it should be treated as a criminal matter. What do you think?

Source: ESPN

27 thoughts on “Washington Father Investigated After Posting Facebook Comment Calling For Someone To Massacre Opposing School After Close Basketball Game”

  1. Thanks, travelinglimey,

    You are a credit to Scientology.

    Very droll. I laughed out loud (LOL). I needed that, first thing in the morning.

    “We” don’t tend to think of the Illuminati & Bilderbergers on top of it all.

    I infer, from your reply, that you haven’t experimented with the aluminum-foil hat. Apocryphal evidence suggests that it may be palliative.

    May I have another? Oh, please.

  2. travelinglimey,

    You omitted wearing aluminum-foil hats. Perhaps that’s one of the real answers that CCHR provides? Citizens Commission on Human Rights is described as a Scientology front group.

    “CCHR also blames psychiatry for school shootings, the 9/11 attacks on America, the German Holocaust, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Jonestown massacre.”

    1. Here’s your reply. Pay attention & you will learn many useful things. Of course you will learn nothing if your mind is closed to learning anything. This might well be the case for you unfortunately but there are others out there that can understand logical answers that don’t follow the media spin. I’ve never worn a tin foil hat & I don’t know anyone that does; its certainly not worn by Scientologists. CCHR was indeed founded by the Church of Scientology, for itself and all mankind, there being many other groups & individuals in the crosshairs of Psychiaytry. Remember its not a help tool except for totalitarian and would be totalitarian governments as ours is trying so hard to be, while pretending not to be, under the guise of manipulated ‘democracy’. By the way, Scientology literally means the study of knowing how to know. So you can see why they might come up with answers not yet seen by others, though the CCHR membership is heavilly populated with persons of other, or no, religion, as the answers are open to all. So you could also see why the ‘keep them drugged & ignorant’ Psychiatrists would chose Scientology as an enemy. 9/11 & to a lesser extent Pearl Harbor, were inside jobs, using an enemy to turn public opinion at great cost. I’m not sure of Psychiatry’s involvement in those, if any. But certainly the Nazi Holocaust; fully admitted by German Psychiatry just last year. I’d be surprized if Jonestown wasn’t closely linked to psychiatric drugs but I have not studied it. More importantly 300 million people in the USA right now are in the crosshairs of Psychiatry. We tend to think of the Illuminati & Bilderbergers on top of it all, but if these guys are all drugged up, perhaps the tail is wagging the dog. Either way, no one needs this scum.

  3. So far his irresposible statement is not a crime in this country & should stay that way. I agree with the last writer, Mespo. An earlier comment for a Psychiatric evaluation, however, is very wrongheaded in this day & age. Psychiatry & Psychiatric Drugs is the major cause of these shootings. Yes, the trigger puller must take full responsibility for his vile actions, but they would not have occured without the psych drugs sucking out all the seratonin from the brain! This IS the answer. Lack of media coverage for the correct why is deliberate, to get your guns, drug your children & declare martial law. (consder Obama’s edict 13 months ago to strip all citizens of all basic rights provided only that martial law be declared) Get the real answers & help the only group doing something effective about it: Citizens Commission on Human Rights. 800 869 2247 (not to fail to acknowledge the NRA who are at least fighting to retain our 2nd Amendment rights; now needed more than ever; however, only CCHR has the complete answer to the ‘young white christian terrorist’ problem)

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