Father Ordered to Pay Child Support For Three Children Conceived In Affairs With Three Other Men

father-knows-bestWe have previously discussed rulings where fathers have contested the obligation to pay child support for children conceived in affairs or where they were simply sperm donors. The latest case in Canada involves a man who was ordered to pay child support for three out of four children who were proven not to be his own biological offspring. Indeed, DNA tests found that his ex-wife had the three girls by three different fathers. Only the boy was found to be his biological progeny.

The man and his wife of 16 years separated in April 2010 and he asked for a DNA test. His son aged 9 was found to be his, but his daughters aged 12, 14, and 16 were found to have three different fathers. Those fathers have not been asked to pay child support by the ex-wife.

Source: Toronto Sun

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  1. im sorry but it sounds like the women are the ones saying how can you do this to the children by leaving them knowing they are not yours by DNA testing. Seriously, I think a real man would stay in the children lives but he should not be accounted for paying for them. He works hard for his money and this is not fair to him or his family. Why should he be punished for his unlawful ex-wife poor decisions. I love how many people are bashing on these dads when they have done nothing wrong but try to do the right thing and when they felt that maybe I should get a DNA because for a while or years I have always felt that maybe….just maybe the kids do not resemble me and they resemble her ex etc. he gets a DNA and now he is the a$$. Come on if this situation was switched you know women would fight hard and strong and get what they what and in turn they are still getting this regardless of the truth. It truly is not fair to have someone pay with their hard working money for children that are not theirs. It would be cowardly if they left the children’s lives completely but if he is willing to continue to be a father figure why should he have to pay for his unlawful, deceitful ex-wife’s mistakes. No one really knows the relationship and in that case I am speaking about my newly husband, who was cheated on from the beginning of his last marriage and throughout their entire marriage he chose to stay with her because of the kids but left when he she officially moved on in front of his face with her ex from when they first got together and decided its my time to leave. Now her 2 new babies look like her kids which where fathered by her ex. hmmmmm strange….no don’t think so…so why isn’t it fair for him to question her loyalty? You can not judge unless your in the situation. Its not right to take money either from someone that did nothing wrong and by court through DNA proves he is not the father. If anyone should be found guilty should be the mothers who are okay with taking money from men whom aren’t their children’s fathers this is wrong and should be considered fraud. More good fathers should be and need to be looked out for. These type of mothers should be fined and penalized from using public aid, Medicaid etc. They chose not to work for laziness and I refuse to be okay for paying money to them every month or week for their liquor, cigarettes and junk food. This is ridiculous and the government really needs to start cracking down on these programs, and maybe it would have many women to start thinking “maybe I should use a condom because children, babies, etc are expensive”. But no many think its okay if I get pregnant there are government programs wic, welfare, etc. Sorry but this is bull and not appropriate for the American who is hard working and paying taxes, our taxes whom that are going to these kind of people making poor judgments. But “these biologically fathers and tax payers are paying for their mistakes really”? Our society is really screwed up and really need to take people’s actions into consideration.

  2. I was reading some of the earlier comments where some were calling men scum because they were not claiming children who weren’t theirs biologically, ill explain it to the woman and the man-poser: a man is responsible for the consequences of HIS actions, if you can’t grasp that, shame on you, you can google responsibility and solve the rest of the mystery later so your head doesn’t explode.

  3. Once for a while we can hear about hospital mistake or staff wron doing when newborn are swapped and mothers get wrong babies. If several years later family find out about it- then public outcry is strong like roaring of the lions or T-rex. Everybody are demanding beheading and rolling heads. HOW SUCH HORROR COULD HAPPEN TO THIS POOR WOMAN? Law suits are going into millions of $. “This poor woman was thinking this is her child for 15 years and now- she is heart broken finding that her child is not really her…” Nobody cares about fathers and many of them are pushed into suicide. Here is my message to “winning” cheating mothers: Thx for your actions in the future your sons will be framed the same way like you did. And the same message is to gov and judges: some day you and your families will be victim of this ridiculous system you create today. Today- we build a world for future generations, and this (framing person) is total wiolation of human rights. Such people in gov and judges do NOT deserve to represent us

  4. My answer to Frankly is simple: It is all about money. If courts will start giving right sentence to the cheated fathers- all these women who cheated will run to social service and ask for financial support. And they will get it, or children will start dying on the streets from starvation. To avoid this situation our gov created scam- they frame innocent guys and they call it law. Like Hitler when he was kidnapping civilians in beaten countries to send them to Germany to slavery work. He had justification. He needed labour. Today gov and courts need to have boy to beat him, and lonely guy with nobody to support him is perfect target (women have feminist organisations and guys- nobody). If they will prosecute women cheating authorities about fatherhood then women again- will go to jail and children to orphanage- and again- government will have to pay. Therefore- GUYS! do not expect justice. One more- for the same reason gov will never make mandatory to DNA check of all newborn…

  5. Within a few years, most children will be genotyped before or right after birth and biological fathers will be definitively identified.
    It is well to start thinking about what the laws should be then.

  6. Are these laws made by women ? Why are men made to suffer like these . Why do courts never never take into consideration what a man feels.. its just the woman and child , the man can go to hell for all they care . Later u hear idiots go on TV talking about how men are loosing jobs and education to women where u have created a man -hating society.

  7. Note to men everywhere (and I am a female saying this), do NOT sign the birth certificate until you had a DNA test confirming paternity, married or not. So what if wifey is offended. Spend the money now or find out later you are NOT the father and spend the money for the next 18-21 years.

  8. Make paternity testing automatic at birth or before birth.

    Anything this important can’t be relegated to the few times when people happen to be suspicious enough to be willing to possibly offend their spouses by asking for such a test.

    Take the emotion out of it. Make it mandatory.

  9. Why is he scum for wanting some help in paying child support from the actual fathers? Obviously he wife deceived him for years and years, where do you think that puts him mentally and emotionally right now? He obviously wanted to know. Nowhere is it said he doesn’t love those girls or intends to walk out of their lives.

    So he is scum for wanting some help?

  10. The ruling is based on the legal principle of estoppel, which means in this case, that his failure to contest paternity for 16, 14 and 12 years means that he can’t do it now. I suspect that the wife was able to show that he knew all along but did nothing to contest paternity.

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