13 thoughts on “Just Try To Get A Cat To Do This

  1. Oh, I don’t know. When I was a kid I taught my cat to jump through hoops and to jump over my arm extended about chest high. In any case it’s probably not exactly fair since this dog look like it’s got a flat face, no offense intended of course.

  2. To be pleasant I will say that I have had both dogs and cats. I loved both kinds.
    Give this one a dog bone of quality. From that T-bone you ate last night.
    Don’t forget the fat edge (you did cut it away, I hope). It tastes best, But gnawing is glorious too.

    And now a complaint:

    People who say why, don’t know anything about the use of dogs in many life necessary tasks.
    They also are not aware of how training a brain early in life causes expansion of the area which is stimulated and it develops to a larger size and capacity. True for humans and probably for dogs.

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