Florida Police Officer Unleashes Torrent Of Abuse On Man and Threatens To Kill Him . . . Given Written Reprimand and Returned To Service

bso-tiradeA new videotape is causing a stir in Florida after Broward Sheriff’s Officer Deputy Alan Dubinski unleashed a torrent of obscenities on a suspect, Jessie Merchant. Duinski threatens to threw the man to alligators. Yet, he was given only a written reprimand and returned to active duty. Ironically, Merchant was being investigated for causing a disturbance. The video is below.

Dubinski is shown starting out mildly with the question “What’s up with you today, Jessie?” However, when Merchant (who has a criminal history) begins to respond, Dubinski unloads his torrent.

“Jessie, I’m gonna tell you right now, your f—— a– is going home or I’m going to beat the f—— p— out of you . . . I see your f—— a– again tonight I’m going to f—— split your f—— skull f—— with my flashlight . . . Remember what I told you about the alligators? I’m gonna feed your a– to them. I’m not gonna arrest you. I’m gonna feed you to the f—— alligators. I’m taking you out on the Alley and I’m dumping your a–. So you’re gonna die.”

This resumes a short time later as the word f–k is used in an impressive array of noun, verb, and adjectival forms.

“I get another call on you tonight I’m gonna come in your house, I’m gonna kick your f—— door in. You think I’m bulls——-? . . . “I’m gonna kick the f—— door in and I’m gonna come in there and drag your f—— a– out of your house, beating the p— out of you.” “And then I’m gonna feed you to the f—— gators,”

Merchant can be heard agreeing with him. But that does not appear to matter as Dubinski returns to his alligator fodder theme: “I want to feed you to the alligators.”

Merchant responds “You’re kinda scaring me” and Dubinski responds “I hope I am, If I see you again tonight, I swear to God — God be my witness you’re a dead man.”
“Yes, sir,” Merchant responds and Dubinski ends with “Get the f— out of here.”

The only positive aspect of this incident that Trooper Lawrence Petraglia called a supervisor to report the “excessive” scene. That type of professionalism is often found missing as officers support each other in such incidents out of loyalty.

When later confronted and asked if he regretted anything in the encounter, Dubinski said “I probably wouldn’t have said some of the f words.” That is a bit odd because I would have started with the threats (and oath to God) to kill a citizen. He added “In the eyes of the public, it’s probably not, but every situation is different, sometimes you have to be harsh with some people to get your point across to them that they understand and this is the way that Jessie understands and the problem was solved.”

Well, the public also understands that criminal threats can be charged as a crime and that a public official claiming the right to kill citizens arbitrarily suggests that neither state nor federal law applies to to him.

Source: Palm Beach

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  1. Hey Izzy and you bloggers, some things left out of the story, Deputy Dubinski had just Baker Acted Jessie a few weeks ago, he knew him by name, and knew of his mental issues. BTW Jason, this was a 43 year old man with mental issues. The deputy did not care, I’m glad the Trooper cared enough to report him. Alot of good it did, deputy got a paid vacation on the taxpayers dime. Way to go Broward.

  2. All of you idiots commenting negatively about this deputy should probably walk in his shoes for a day. All these comments are probably coming from all you law abiding citizens that have received a citation for no reason right .You people have no idea what it is to deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis. And obviously you don’t leave your home every day not knowing if you will return to see your loved ones again. Being in law enforcement means dealing with people the best way possible to accomplish a task. And not everyone will be happy about it. The media in this case has blown everything out of proportion because that’s just what they do, It’s news ! Why don’t they report about the sworn statement given by the so- called poor victim of this bashing by dep. Dubinski ? And yes, officers are all meant to be brothers out there, they can only rely on one another to survive another day. Those state troopers should grow some balls and try real police work, not just write tickets. Maybe they should try handling calls : domestics, robberies, etc. Dep. Dubinski was reprimanded for doing his job just like many others out there protecting you ungrateful citizens everyday he puts on that uniform.

  3. Darren,
    When I am interviewing a new hire, I always pull out my cell phone and ask them if they know what that round black dot is on the front. Of course, they always identify it as a camera lens. Then I flip it open and show them the internet icon and ask them if they understand the significance of that. The younger ones usually do, but the older ones do not. I explain to them that a video taken by that lens in front can livestream to a remote internet location. And then remind them that every 15-year-old in the country has one and knows how to send video to the Cloud in real time. Confiscating a cell phone is a waste of time if they are concerned about what is on a video. It is GONE to a place where they cannot get at it!

    I only half jokingly tell them that if I catch them as the star of a viral video, it better be something like rescuing a cat from a tree. Otherwise they will have to deal with me…..again.

  4. I used to tell rookies: “Always assume someone is filming you.” It helps keep a guy on the good side of the issue when he does so.

  5. This is our law enforcement in SE Florida. Palm Beach Sheriff’s have murdered 12 people in the last 2 years, many at their businesses and no investigations by the Sheriff or the State Atty. Policing here is either fascist or nonexistent. And don’t get me started on this “model” of propriety our State Atty.

  6. David Dubinsky, Russian-born Jew, was the longtime President of the ILGWU (and you know what that is). I wonder if the Florida LEO is related to him. Does anyone here know?

  7. There is no excuse for this behavior. Any officer that sees this as appropriate conduct does not belong in the uniform or on the street. Frustrated or out of control. Police need to be better trained. His argument that sometimes you need to do this to get your point across makes him dangerous to anyone going through his jurisdiction.

  8. I can appreciate an officer’s frustration with a repeat nuisance to the community. The only mistake here was the flurry of threats; he should have simply fed him to the alligators.

  9. If the defendant had said the same thing to the deputy he would have been thrown in jail for felony harassment (threats to kill)

    It would have worked just as effectively and easily to tell the defendant if he didn’t stop running in and out of traffic he would have thrown him in jail.

    There are times when scolding someone is a good tool to get them to stop their behavior but it is never appropriate in this situation to threaten to kill them or cuss so abusively.

  10. I can not remember if Dubinski with an i on the end is Russian or Polish. One version with y on the end distinguishes between Russian or Polish and both can be jewish. Lauderdale is an odd place.

  11. I wonder how the cop talks to his wife.

    The threat to come to the guy’s home, break in and beat his a— is enough to justify the right to bear arms in one’s home. But, Dubinsky needs to try it a few times and see if he gets his head blown off.

  12. A reprimand? He shouldn’t just be fired or arrested and imprisoned. Pi…uh, “cops” who commit crimes like that one should forfeit the right to trial and accept summary execution.

    If “cops” want tough sentencing of those who commit crimes against them, then cops should also face tough sentencing. Hypocrisy and double standards are for cowards. Merchant would have been “suicided” if he had made that threat against Dumb-inski.

  13. I have to consider that this officer is in Florida. That explains a lot. Secondly, this deputy needs to be looking for another profession.

  14. Dubinski didn’t strike Merchant, no taze, no spray, no gator bites. Maybe just a hard verbal correction was what Merchant needed.

  15. The Broward Sheriff’s Office is a monster factory, and Deputy Alan Dubinski is the monster they built.

    Worse to come.

  16. I’m not one to take up for the police but, this was clearly a man attempting to scare a child straight. I really don’t see much wrong here other then the unprofessional-ism taking place. Had i been this boys father I feel as though i would take sides with the police officer. I think we have bigger fish to fry…

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