Having A Bad Day? Watch This.

Even if you are having a good day, this will make it better. A high school team fulfills a mentally challenged boy’s dream of playing basketball, but he fails to get a single basket until an opposing player steps forward in the final seconds . . . [if you cannot watch this video, it is available on the CBS website HERE

Call me a sucker, but this made my day.

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  1. “Faith in Humanity restored:…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by CBS.


    Yeah, yeah, I know. One can go to the CBS site to see the vid, but…

    Again, spoilsports.

  2. While unexpected the incident is not all that surprising to those who hail from El Paso.

    The Coronado Thunderbirds and the Franklin Cougars are major rivals with strong athletic departments and their high schools are only about 2 miles apart on the same street. Franklin uses the Coronado football field as its own home field. There is a lot of of the school contact between the students (and their families) of these two schools since their early years.

    The spirit displayed between these two rivals is one that is on common display in El Paso which helps explain why it is one of the safest cities in the United States while bordering one of the most dangerous in the world.

    While the general population of the schools like the city are predominantly Hispanic and Anglo, nationalities from around the world make a strong showing in both. The high schools’ commencement rolls look like the U.N. roster. This familiarity with diverse people of varying backgrounds and cultures has fostered not a tolerant but an accepting environment among most of the population.

    The place is not perfect, but the people are conscious of the need to make improvement. For instance, this evening Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees will speak in El Paso on civil discourse with a moderated round-table discussion to follow. The session, a response to a two-year battle over whether to offer health benefits to gay and unmarried partners of El Paso city employees, is intended to bring together religious and secular leaders to discuss the proper boundary between religious views and government.

    Unexpected, maybe; surprising, no.

  3. This sort of thing actually is not all that rare. There was the girl’s baseball team where a girl blew out her knee when she hit a game winning home run. She could not, however run the bases and it was illegal for her teammates to help her. Two girls from the opposing team carried her around the bases, helping her to touch each base and gave her team the win.

    Seems like it’s only later in life that people learn that it’s okay to injure opponents in order to win football games. Kids don’t think that way.

  4. Great coach, great team, great opposing team. Go, Mitchell! Nice to see a story with no bad guys.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I have a nephew who is a high school basketball coach and athletic director and I have shared it with him. I think it is something that every student athlete should see.

  6. Great clip. Having coached for decades I see the glass half full..which is my personality. There is MUCH more good in competition and sports than bad. MUCH more good.

  7. This made me cry with good tears. There is so much bad in sports at all levels because of the cutthroat competition, that it is heartwarming to see the good. That there was such empathy for this young man’s condition shows the best of humanity. A great coach who really understads his role within the High School athletic scene.

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