Meet Ravi the Rubik’s Cube Juggler

I am not sure whether to admire or despise this kid who can solve a Rubik’s cube while juggling. He is Ravi, the Rubic’s juggler.

You know Ravi, she still is not going to go out with you. Trust me, I spent my life as a nerd.

11 thoughts on “Meet Ravi the Rubik’s Cube Juggler

  1. The inane background chatter doesn’t diminish the amazing ability of Ravi to concentrate so thoroughly. I couldn’t manage a stationary Rubik’s Cube.

  2. I see it as a Magic trick, like when they cut beautiful ladies in half & they are still alive & smiling at the end. Magic, as in illusion, though there used to be another kind. You’d have to be there I guess if its not ‘spliced’; I didn’t even see him look at the cube, let alone turn any part of it!

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