11 thoughts on “Meet Ravi the Rubik’s Cube Juggler”

  1. The guy’s a Math major at Stanford … impressive young virgin.

  2. I can’t juggle, can’t do the cube. And he can do both at the same time.

  3. I see it as a Magic trick, like when they cut beautiful ladies in half & they are still alive & smiling at the end. Magic, as in illusion, though there used to be another kind. You’d have to be there I guess if its not ‘spliced’; I didn’t even see him look at the cube, let alone turn any part of it!

  4. There are some that are just not time, place, distance or object challenged…..

  5. The inane background chatter doesn’t diminish the amazing ability of Ravi to concentrate so thoroughly. I couldn’t manage a stationary Rubik’s Cube.

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