Key Witness In Zimmerman Accused Of Lying Under Oath

175px-Trayvon_Martin_on_the_backseat_of_a_carZimmermanx-inset-communityThe murder trial of George Zimmerman just got a bit more complicated after an attorney revealed in open court that the girlfriend of teenager Trayvon Martin, known as Witness 8, is believed to have lied about her whereabouts following his death. The girlfriend has supplied a key account that portrayed Zimmerman as the aggressor from a brief telephone call with Martin. However, Mark O’Mara revealed in court that she is believed to have lied in stating under oath that she did not go to Martin’s funeral because she was hospitalized. While that does not change the account of the telephone call, it would be a lie under oath that could be prosecuted and would chip away at her credibility, particularly with another witness saying that Martin was seen on top of Zimmerman shortly before the shooting.

News accounts report that defense attorney Don West in court said that the girlfriend “lied” and that “[s]he, in fact, did not go to the hospital as she stated under oath.” West is quoted as saying that “[prosecutor] Mr. [John] Guy represented there would not be hospital records confirming her sworn statement, because, in fact, she lied.”

A lie in a sworn statement is a crime and we have previously discussed how prosecutors are often inconsistent in who they choose to charge — sometimes giving a pass to false accusers in high profile cases like the one involving the Duke Lacrosse case.

The lie, if proven, will add to the difficulty in the case. I have previously expressed my view that the prosecutors have yielded to public pressure in over-charging the case. Prosecutors will be in a tough position if a key witness made up her hospitalization under oath.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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  1. They did not over charge they under charge this teen girl did not lie where she was at has nothing to do with what she heard george zimmerman lied in court to a judge deliberately all ready about how much money he made Why not you racist discuss that explore george zimmerman homosexual pedophile issues explore that If he was afraid then he should have never got out of his car and started stalking trayvon .

  2. george zimman is a trigger happy vigilante want to be cop type loser with a obsessing to use his gun a proven liar/coward/homosexual pedophile .

  3. Trayvon Martin’s Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit

    The Huffington Post | By Jermaine Spradley Posted: 04/05/2013 2:27 pm EDT

    “Trayvon Martin’s family has reached a settlement in a wrongful death suit they filed against the homeowners association of the sub-division where Martin was killed, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

    Martin was shot to death just steps from his father’s home on Feb. 26, 2012, by volunteer neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The case drew national attention last year as the Sanford Police Department vacillated on whether to file charges against Zimmerman, who indicated that he’d shot Martin only after being attacked. Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder and is currently awaiting trial.

    Portions of the settlement released Friday do not specify how much money Martin’s family will receive, but according to the Sentinel, the figure is believed to be in excess of $1 million. The settlement does, however, state that Zimmerman is not part of the agreement. Lawyers for Martin’s family have made it clear that they still plan to file a civil claim against Zimmerman at a later point.”

  4. oh look the usual group of mouth breathers claiming racism because you dont believe in there fantasies.
    I dont blame Zimmerman at all about lying about his founds when some “people” are claiming his guilt and threatening his life with very very little knowledge on what went down.

    If what Zimmerman said is true (his story has always checked out basically, trayvons side has LIED and MANIPULATED the facts since the start) Trayvon came back and confronted Zimmerman, then attacked him and continued to bash Zimmerman’s head into the ground while he screamed for help. Not stopping and fearing for his life Zimmerman shot him. So if trayvon didnt viciously attack him none of this would have happened. trayvon was creeping around in a contruction area from my understanding-which would lead Zimmerman or anyone to be suspicious.

    finally the people saying if Zimmerman never got out of his car or whatever. He had a right to do so, it is not illegal to do so what is illegal is viciously assaulting another individual because he was eyeballing you

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