25 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Just showed this to my daughter. She spotted the gazelle before she saw the cat. No wonder she is so good at catching contraband being passed.

  2. Found the ‘kitty’ but missed the deer. Wow, good one Nal! Like the man says, “Every picture tells a story don’it….’

  3. What Oro & Bruce said. There appears to be no “kitteh” in this contest.

  4. Looks like a Jaguar stalking a fawn. Where was the photo taken? Southwest U.S. northern Mexico?

  5. Matt . . . Nope , , , more triangular face than rabbit . . . too much space between base of ears . . . not sitting on its rump like a rabbit . . . it’s a fawn

  6. I found it right away, but part of that was dumb luck. I enlarged the picture and zoomed in. Teh pootie just happened to be in the dead center of where I zoomed.

    That is some kitty. Years ago there was a magazine story written by a former second story burglar. The former crook now worked as a security consultant after serving his time and getting his life turned around. He wrote of an incident that happened during his life of crime. He climbed through a second story window of a mansion in a very upper crust neighborhood in Chicago. As his eyes were adjusting to the darkness, he noticed the reflection of the eyes of a cat in the room with him. A cat. Then it dawned on him the kitty’s eyes were six inches apart. Time for a change of underwear.

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