Shocking Ignorance or Misleading Editing? Biden Speech Suggests Slap Across The Face Is Not Abuse But Remarks Appear To Have Been Cut Off Midsentence

Conservative sites have exploded with a new controversy surrounding Joe Biden who appears to distinguish between true abuse or worrisome signs of abuse and a “garden variety slap across the face.” However, listening to the YouTube clip it is clear that the statement has been cut off.

In the excerpt appearing on National Review, Drudge, and many other sites, Biden is shown ending the final line with the offensive line with the word “face.”

We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors. For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he has threatened to shoot her, if he has sexually assaulted her, and there’s a number of other signs, about eight others. These are tell-tale signs to say this isn’t your garden-variety slap across the face.

However, when I listen to the tape it sounds like Biden continues the sentence with a “which” that has been cut off in both the transcript and tape. It is curious that these sites can include the lines leading up to the offensive statement, but not the whole statement or what follows. If he did make this statement, he should be condemned. However, such condemnation should only follow a full transcript in fairness to the Vice President.

Does anyone have the full remarks?

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  1. Once again, the right’s defense of their only strategy, i. e., “lying”:
    “So’s yer mom.”

  2. Good catch Nal. Once again the lies and manipulation is not only obvious, it is comical.

  3. Thanks, Nal. So . . .
    Biden was a drafter of the original VAWA bill.
    Biden was announcing a new program to curb domestic violence
    Biden inartfully tired to explain that certain abusive acts are indicators of future acts of extreme danger, but that while a slap across the face is not acceptable ,it is not – standing alone – one of those indicators
    Go, Biden!

    The purposeful editing of remarks to intentionally convey a false message so as to rally the troops would certainly be more offensive to the heirs of the Enlightenment — those who believe in civil and reasoned discourse involving logic and reality-based facts, i.e., those possessing a liberal mind. Since it is fairly obvious that most such folks are progressive in outlook, it is not surprising that progressives find such deceitful editing offensive in the extreme, and it is no surprise that the proponents of propaganda which distorts reasoned discourse are reduced to whining, “Yeah, but you do it too.”

    Oh yeah, prove it.

  4. Paulie – please identify a case where liberals maliciously edited tape and got people fired or entire organizations run out of business. Dimbart pulled this off at least 3 time successfully with that little toady of his.

  5. Yet another maliciously edited bit of bullshit from our friends on the right. When they can’t win the argument on facts or logic they simply attempt to create lies. See the work of Andy Dimbart and friends

    The shame is that legitimate news and blog sites repeat it

  6. Can any of our esteemed colleagues, who are still criticizing Biden for what he never said, read?
    This is not a very long thread. Try reading it before breathlessly making fools of yourselves. Oh, sorry, too late for that, huh?
    Do you realize that there’s no way that you have a sufficiently long attention span, to read a short newspaper article?
    Oh, and by the way (BTW), the right side of the aisle does a whole lot more lying than the other one does. No comparison. You could check it out, if you ever read anything.

  7. Military Under Review After Lt. General Overturns Sexual Assault Conviction
    March 13, 2013

    WASHINGTON (AP) — An Air Force general’s decision to reverse a guilty verdict in a sexual assault case is fueling support for legislation that would prevent commanding officers from overturning rulings made by judges and juries at courts-martial proceedings.

    Anu Bhagwati of the Service Women’s Action Network told a Senate subcommittee Wednesday that commanders are unable to make impartial decisions because they usually have a professional relationship with the accused and, often times, with the victim as well. She said court-martial cases should be left in the hands of “trained, professional, disinterested prosecutors.”

    Under military law, a commander who convenes a court-martial is known as the convening authority and has the sole discretion to reduce or set aside guilty verdicts and sentences or to reverse a jury’s verdict.

    The hearing by the Senate Armed Services personnel subcommittee comes just days after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a review of the Air Force case after lawmakers expressed outrage over Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin’s decision to overturn the sexual assault conviction against Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, a former inspector general at Aviano Air Base in Italy.

  8. I thought Brietbart was deceased…..I see his tactics live in effigy….

  9. lotta,

    As with many important news stories, the MSM would prefer to focus on more trivial stuff–political polls, what Joe Biden said in some speech, Obama’s birth certificate, money spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe during the 2008 presidential campaign, etc.

  10. Elaine, Thanks for the trailer. I know THEY knew, but we didn’t know the full extent of it. This is like Ratszinger (Pope whatever) having all the knowledge and sitting on it, working to hide it. Heads should roll.

  11. lotta,

    They’ve known about the terrible problem of sexual assaults in the military for a long time. Check out The Invisible War. Here’s a trailer of the movie:

  12. Could this manufactured flap be a ploy to distract from the hearings on rape in the military. A fact I learned just today is that the majority of rapes in 2010 seem to be male on male; over 10,000. Wow, I did not anticipate that. There is some serious s*** coming out in that hearing and it should be getting a lot more attention.

    Reminds me of a quote from Churchill about the 3 traditions of the British navy- rum, buggery and the lash.

  13. Thank, nal,

    It’s worth a repeat:

    In Rockville visit, Biden announces new program to curb domestic violence

    “This isn’t your garden variety slap across the face, which is not acceptable in and of itself,” he said.

  14. Biden was up itShay creek without a paddle in the first term and the dog pac sent him a paddle.

  15. My God, what would conservative RepubliCons have said if Biden had hugged Chavez’s widow at the funeral? My God, he would not have gotten off as easy as the Iranian guy.

    If we were to impeech Biden then we would be stiffling speech. If he was from Georgia they would say eat a peach.

  16. Not since Shirley Sherrod’s racist speech have I been so upset. Impeech Biden now!!!

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