Cinema Communista: North Korea Runs Video Showing How Americans Are Homeless, Drink Snow, Rely On Charity From North Korea, And Shoot Their Children

kor2_1690589akor4_1690590aNorth Korea has long been an example of a clinically psychotic nation that engages in propaganda displaying wild fantasy and transference. The latest video however is truly unnerving. In a nation with extreme poverty and malnutrition, North Korea has run a video showing that (rather than it receiving aid from the U.S.) the U.S. relies on aid from North Korea and is a virtual hellscape of poverty, death, and despair. I can now understand why Dennis Rodman calls Kim Jong Un a “friend” and plans to vacation with him. It is better than eating birds and shooting children back in the states.

Previously, North Korea reported that it was the second happiest place on Earth – after that other worker’s paradise known as China.

The new video informs North Koreans of the following facts about the United States: (1) there are no birds because they are eaten for food; (2) Americans are homeless living in tents or on the street, including shots of homeless people chatting next to their dead friends “in body bags”; Americans rely on tents made from material given to them by North Korea; Americans are given one cup of “hot snow” a day; and North Koreans are trying to sustain Americans with food handouts.

Some of the video is particularly bizarre like a picture of a tree with some birds. This did not sit well with the earlier observation that birds are nonexistent because they have been all eaten. Accordingly, the announcer informs the North Korean viewers that these birds “will be eaten Tuesday.” I guess Tuesday is our bird eating day.

Here is the video:

The tragedy is that many uneducated North Koreans could well believe this type of propaganda given the blocking of contacts with the West.

Previously, Rodman’s friend ran a video celebrating the plan (and states publicly) to destroy American cities with the use of North Korea’s new nuclear missile capability:

28 thoughts on “Cinema Communista: North Korea Runs Video Showing How Americans Are Homeless, Drink Snow, Rely On Charity From North Korea, And Shoot Their Children”

  1. Oh please don’t let the North Koreans find out about Detroit. The propaganda they could get from that one city would make a dozen videos.

  2. Christopher Hitchens visited this 5th world country undercover. He wrote and spoke eloquently of the depravity of North Korea. North Koreans are actually 1-3 inches shorter than South Koreans. They are the same people, however North people have been starving for generations.

  3. Damn you, Turley! If you had posted this Monday I could have gots me some them birds ta eat.

  4. That was the best laugh I had in a while. I was thinking to myself half way through, this isn’t even filmed in the United States, and just then “In other parts of America, often disguised as foreign countries in Europe..” showing the North Train Station in Bucharest.

    I just love communist propaganda. This one was superb.

  5. In the winter of 1954 we were living in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. During one particularly cold spell, our water pipes froze and we gathered snow from the yard for my mother to boil on the stove. Fortunately for us, a North Korean film crew happened to be in town doing a documentary about starving Americans starting fires in the Lincoln National Forest in order to feed on the charred remains of bear cubs. They gave us North Korean coffee to mix with our hot snow. A surviving bear cub featured in the documentary was named Smokey by the North Koreans and, as we all know, he went on to fame and fortune.

  6. Was not ‘Lil Kim seen publicly cavorting about with American Dennis Rodman? Was Dennis there just to get a good meal?

  7. I have to admit I was rolling on the floor hearing about “no birds in the trees except these. They will be eaten on Tuesday”. This stuff is way better than the Daily Show!

  8. The North Koreans are using South Korean babies for bayonet practice!

  9. The jury is back and their decisionis unanimous. North Korea is one screwed up place. I am surprised that Rodman didn’t wear his wedding dress again while he was in North Korea.

  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they were actually better off under Kim Jong Il.

    I had delusions that Kim Jong Un, having been educated in Europe, would see that the country is imploding and give up, merging with South Korea to save the people, similar to East Germany. Either he’s a puppet of the military who have taken over, or he became power hungry after being handed the reigns.

    In a related note, cannibalism is on the rise in North Korea. Two people were recently executed for killing their own children to eat them. Other people have been executed for killing people and selling “meat”.

  11. The poor North Koreans. Our government may be riddled with criminals and sociopaths, but at least they aren’t manifestly psychotic. A cup of hot snow? Really? I’ve long thought the Chinese would step in and clean house before the Kim family did something really stupid, but I’m starting to question just how much evidence do the Chinese need that everyone in that bloodline is batsh*t insane.

  12. Meh. You have to assume the people there believe it, there is plenty of evidence that many do not. Even if they did what harm have they done us?

    Simply point and laugh. To paraphrase Mr. Gump, “Insane is as insane does”

  13. Don’t you just LOVE a country that puts out propaganda through their controlled mainstream media? Gee! Who does that remind me of . . .

  14. How much money did Rodman take to sell his Country out? You know he didn”t go over there just to be friendzees with a pyschopath.

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