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  1. Mike A., agree. Our Cairn took a nip at the daughter’s lip when she just pushed him too far at about 18 months (daughter). We had to be quite careful from then on. He wasn’t a biter till then except several years earlier when a repairman came in the house and tried to pet him, unseen, in a dark corner behind the front door. Nip on the finger; that not surprising.

    I am always cautious about young kids around dogs, regardless of rep, especially if trying to torment.

  2. Great picture! In my experience Labs and retrievers seem to be quite patient with young children while small terrier breeds are less tolerant of sudden and unpredictable movement. When I was in college I used to babysit for a grad student who owned a huge, old Newfoundland and in due course acquired a young kitten. The Newfoundland would lie on its side while the kitten repeatedly leapt and pounced on it. When the kitten tired of the fun, it would suckle at the corner of the dog’s mouth.

  3. pburns, i guess i should qualify my statement by saying that it expresses my experience with several dogs and several small children.

  4. Dogs will let babies do stuff to them that adults might not get away with. We had a dog that let the babies do whatever. When he got too old and cranky, he would take it for awhile but when he had enough he would disappear behind the sofa or under the sofa. There was also a somewhat cantankerous pony that let my youngest sister swing on his tail. He would move to the side of the gate so she climb on. He wasn’t so nice to anyone else.

  5. Dogs maul small children every day in this country because people think it’s “cute” to put a small child down next to a dog and let it do the kind of things you are showing here. Think!! Babies and dogs do not mix, especially not on the floor. Facial scars are for life.

  6. It can be hilarious what dogs will tolerate from kids.
    What a sweetie (the dog). Look at his expression.

  7. Yech! Smile? At 6 am? Sorry, still need to pour about 3 cups of coffee down my throat before I’m even halfway civil. Smiling before noon is about as tasteful as a vociferous optimist at a funeral.

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