Louisiana Cop Discharges Weapon in Bathroom Of Strip Club And Then Leaves Scene

216120_506440856073131_1158977767_nThere is a bizarre case out of Gonzales, Louisiana where an off-duty police officer named Chase Delatte was cavorting in a strip club called Crazy Horse Cabaret when he went into the bathroom to check if his firearm in his ankle holster was loaded. It discharged and put a slug through the bathroom door. Accordingly to reports, Delatte then went outside, paid his bill, and simply drove home.

When police finally tracked him down at home, officers reported “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was emitting from his facial area.”

Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson will only say that his department investigated the incident and  appropriate action was taken. Ready for this? The appropriate action of an officer accidentally firing his Glock through the door of a strip club and leaving without reporting the discharge is . . . three days suspension. Jackson does not explain if the officers proceeded to determine how Delatte got home or whether he was given a sobriety test. Instead, Jackson insists “I know officer Delatte well and firmly believe him to be an officer of exceptional character.  We are thankful that no one was hurt.” “An officer of exceptional character” who fires a round through the door of a strip club and flees the scene.

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  1. Naaaaah! Then whose gonna take out the Adam Lansers on psych pills? Extend concealed weapons permits to all non fellons but suspend the rights for slip ups like this on an appropriate gradient.

  2. There should be a gate for screening where people is prohibited to take gun or something dangerous into public area. The government must make legal about this matter. Otherwise, such case may happen again. And we don’t it to happen.

  3. SlingTrebuchet: “Real professionals always know the exact status.” Who said the cop is/was a “real professional.” Sure, he’s a professional in that he cops for a living.
    You normally cannot see the bullet by pulling the slide back slightly. The brass colored thing you can see is the cartridge case or shell casing. The bullet sticks out of the other end of a loaded cartridge.
    If the light conditions are right you can see the base of the bullet as it goes downrange.

  4. Darren Smith: “Checking a Glock pistol for being loaded can be done by swiping one’s finger over the the extractor which sticks out slightly when the pistol is loaded. It is flush when there is no round in the chamber. Alternately, the slide could be pulled back about three millimeters and one can see the brass colour of the back of the bullet. When the slide is pulled back it puts the pistol out of battery and it will not fire. To see if the magazine is fully loaded, all he would have to do is press the magazine release and pop it out an inch or two and look at the back to see if it was loaded (it has small holes in the back to show how many rounds it has inside).”

    Naaahh. All ya have ta do is pull the trigger. If it goes “BANG!!” it is, or at least was, loaded. If it goes “CLICK!!” it’s probably not loaded.

  5. Interesting but it doesn’t bother me. If the three days were without pay, that was fair & appropriate if that’s all that happened. Time they all got more fair & appropriate on the regular citizenry, of course. Sly T, I loved both contributions. That ‘gun lesson’ was hilarious! Wish you’d continued your first post into about 10 column inches… I was just getting into it!

  6. mespo727272:, Lol, your video and my response could have been on the Halliburton thread too, should have been a cross posting in fact. Never gets old and is so versatile! 🙂

  7. mespo727272: vid/Cabaret. Excellent selection. It never gets old does it? because it never gets old, it’s ongoing. Only the means and the names of the characters change.

  8. Big f ing deal. So his gun went off into the floor. Second floor once removed? Three days suspension is too much. Most cops are required to carry the weapon when off duty in public, What the author of the article does not like is a human being going to a strip club and watching females in scanty clothing. And drinking! Mein Gott.

  9. “You know the score, pal! If you’re not a cop, you’re “little people.” “

  10. Darren,
    You are spot on, as usual. There has to be more to it than this. Looking at the total picture, I can envision an even different scenario than your suggestions. He goes in the head, is ticked off at somebody or someone, pops a cap into the door, then leaves. If it were an accidental discharge, there is more likelihood he would have stayed to see if anyone was hurt and offered to pay for the damages. I don’t buy his story.

  11. Perhaps he’s confused maybe it’s a Springfield pistol, Springfiled Armory names their pistols by caliber, e.g. XD 40, XD 9. At any rate he doesn’t understand proper gun safety.

  12. apparently not also professional enough to know there is no “Glock 40” pistol as he states. The highest model number Glock makes is a Glock 39. If it was a .40 caliber pistol it would have been either a Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 27 or Glock 35.

    Nitpicky I suppose I am, but what do expect when I see a guy brandishing a real gun around like that and shoots himself in the process. he should be working for IKEA not the DEA

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