Mother Takes Ten-Year-Old Rape Victim To Indian Police Who Promptly Arrest Victim

India flagIndia is dealing with yet another shocking rape case coupled with police abuse. What is most striking about this case is that the police officers abusing the victim were women. A mother brought her 10-year-old daughter to two female officers after she was allegedly raped. The officers responded by putting the girl into jail.

The mother knew the name of the alleged rapist and wanted to file a complaint. Her parents found the girl in a field where she had been dumped after the rape.

The local thug accused by the parents has now fled — helped along no doubt by the hours the police spent incarcerating the victim. The officers have reportedly been suspended. However, the case reveals the continuing cultural barriers that women, and particularly rape victims, face in rape.

Source: Times of India

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  1. Otteray Scribe, why do you think the Progressives are so fascinated with Mohammedanism? They condemn all such attitudes and behavior in “Christians.” Why ignore it in Mohammedans?

  2. pete 1, April 9, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    yeah matt, i bet that 10/yo was askin for it.
    Want to go to lunch? You better have the right plumbing.

  3. WM
    “Can we now move on and work on the crap that afflics our country?
    Yeah, like perhaps we could spend our time in such great importances as the Kardashians’ makeup choices while women in saudi arabia or other countries are murdered for whatever it is the religious police there arrest them for. Ignore the problem and maybe it will go away, perhaps in doing so we don’t have to acknowledge we did nothing while these women were brutalized.

    It may come as a surprise but Professor Turley does command an audience on the national scale and he certainly can by advocating sufferage or other calls for justice actually influence someone in government or business or even ordinary people to act or even demand change or hold others accountable for their evil. If everyone factored this into their daily lives the collective action would be great and a force to be reckoned with.

    In my view the saudi gov’t and especially its royal family is one of the most depraved in the world as evidenced by their decadent lifestyle, their totalitarian oppression of their population and their subjugation of its population and the most vulnerable in their society. And our gov’t isn’t making any points for transparency or support of liberty or individual rights by supporting this regime. But if enough people are outraged hopefully something will be done about it.

  4. I am hoping the publicity and pressure by world press as well as the UN, will nudge these people out of the eighth and ninth centuries. One of my former associates was an Army sergeant stationed in Saudi Arabia during the first gulf war. She said that on the days they had executions and lopping off of hands in a public square, the screams were chilling and horrifying. What bothered her even more was the smug self righteousness of the local religious leadership as they tortured, mutilated and killed alleged offenders.. She said seeing the hatred in their eyes when they saw her driving, head uncovered, she knew she would be stoned to death had she been anything but a US Army soldier.

  5. Gene,

    I had seen the article on the Saudi ruling. If accurate, it is an encouraging development. It would be great if Turley did a follow-up. Is that unreasonable?

  6. Gene,

    Quite right – my mistake. However, there is still something unsavory about his readiness to report these tabloid pieces about other cultures. They seem designed to inflame our religious, or cultural if you prefer, tolerance. There is no one here who isn’t repelled by these stories. Can we now move on and work on the crap that afflics our country?

  7. Further, we are pretty good at our own “eye for an eye”. Consider our ever popular death penalty and the countries that keep us company on that punishment. Our self-righeousness seems a bit overdone. Is there any need to bring up all the Iraqi kids killed since 2003? I’m pretty sure we are members in good standing in the Reprehensible Countries Club.

  8. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting the impression that Prof. Turley is on a quest to point a long accusatory finger at Muslims. This story may have more to do with a couple of stupid cops – something we have seen plenty of on this very blog. Turley’s headline appears to me as a “misdirection”. Is this reporting in good faith? It will be interesting to see how the Saudi paralysis judgement plays out.

  9. The local thug accused by the parents has now fled — helped along no doubt by the hours the police spent incarcerating the victim.
    Perhaps the thug really isn’t a thug. Is the victim really a victim? People say whatever they want. That doesn’t mean it’s true.

  10. Another one of our allies. There is a lot of talk about how India has changed because there are lot of new millionaires there but in truth it hasn’t changed much. The poorest of the poor still beg, the very rich rule and the rest have to accept what they can get. Women are at the bottom of the heap. And we gave them what!? An atomic bomb! O great.

    We need to stop bankrolling and protecting these governments.

  11. That guy Orwell was on to something when he coined the phrase “bully religion” to describe all manner of universal victimization.

  12. Yes, no one may argue with God. The universal argument of all @ssholes no matter which “God” the chose to tell them its OK to own women, to kill homosexuals, to enslave other humans, to lie, cheat and steal when it suits their cause. They got the word directly from God and you just can’t argue with that – even if your God says something different

  13. There is now another case out of the Republic of the Maldives, also known as the Maldive Islands. It is famous as a resort and tourist destination. However, the judicial system there has a darker side. A fifteen year old girl, the victim of years of sexual abuse, has been arrested for “Zina” fornication). The local “judicial’ system, and I use that word loosely, has sentenced her to eight months of house arrest and a public flogging of 100 lashes.

    Navi Pillay, the U.N. Human Rights Chief, called for a moratorium on corporal punishment. Pillay said:

    “This practice constitutes one of the most inhumane and degrading forms of violence against women, and should have no place in the legal framework of a democratic country.”

    Pillay’s concern was met with outrage from the opposition and religious Adhaalath party. Pillay’s comments resulted in protests and demonstrations by the faithful. The Foreign Ministry dismissed calls for discussion on the issue, stating:

    “There is nothing to debate about in a matter clearly stated in the religion of Islam. No one can argue with God.”


  14. This is a horrible example of how women are still mistreated. A women of any age is not safe in India, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan to name just a few.

  15. I do not characterize India as Pirate Territory. It is kind of like Mississippi, very suspect and while capable of civilized conduct, refractory to it. Indians are a bright people– with dumb customs. Women are dirt there. Do not venture in. Fly over and flush.

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