Video: Woman Tosses Baby To Fight With Another Woman On City Bus

This disturbing video has gone viral of a mother on a bus this week who threw her baby in order to fight another women on the bus. The question is what the criminal charge should be in such a case. There is no record of any charge at all but the video feeds offer little information of the aftermath.

There is an obvious basis for disturbing the peace and assault for both women. However, it seems clear that child abuse or endangerment could be brought in this case. It is not even clear that the woman who grabs the baby knows the mother.

What is strange is that the baby seems well dressed and cared for despite the mother’s hysterical screaming. She repeatedly positions the baby who seems oblivious to the mother’s screaming. It is unnerving to think that the baby is used to such screaming, but the baby sits calmly through the scene.

I find it difficult to contemplate returning the baby to the care of a mother who would toss the baby away to engage in a fistfight on a bus. What do you think?

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  1. A mother caught on cell phone video apparently throwing her baby across the aisle of a bus, prompting a police investigation, says she didn’t do it.

    “I didn’t toss my baby. I set her down,” said the woman when NBC Connecticut confronted her at her Hartford home.

    The startling scene was caught on tape by a concerned passenger during a bus ride on Albany Avenue Wednesday morning. It’s since gone viral with internet postings on YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere.

    The two minute video shows a woman screaming obscenities at another passenger, as her baby sits on her lap at times holding her little ears.

  2. Deborah Schwartz 1, April 12, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Why didn’t the bus driver pull over and call 911?
    I’ve seen incidents on the Chicago Metra train. They don’t pull over either. Don’t expect the police to save you because they probably won’t.

  3. Why didn’t the bus driver pull over and call 911? The mother – intentional or not – was abusive with the child: screaming right next to the child’s ears and ultimately throwing the child across the bus into the arms of another passenger for the sole purpose of fighting with another bus rider. I can only imagine the psycho-emotional trauma this child has endured in the care of this woman!

  4. Thrusting a baby to what appears to be a complete stranger, not even looking back to see if the stranger had the child safely in their arms, coupled with the horrendous yelling and uncontrolled anger…parenting classes and anger management classes are needed for this young lady.
    If that is her behavior on a public bus, I can’t imagine what happens behind closed doors.

  5. I’m with JohnLouisville; there’s nothing amusing in this. This is something I’d expect to see on Drudge. It allows us to feel superior and tends to dehumanize these people.

  6. David 1, April 12, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Open your eyes, ye sanctimonious twits

    No toss, no foul. Just cracker lawyers.
    I’m an accountant. I was an electrician before that.


    Former KPMG Partner Is Charged
    Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles filed criminal charges against former KPMG partner Scott London, who has admitted to passing on inside information about his clients. Mr. London, who oversaw audits of Herbalife and Skechers USA until he was fired from KPMG on Friday, was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud through insider trading, according to the criminal complaint. He faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
    The complaint said the trades generated a profit of more than $1 million for his friend, Bryan Shaw. The complaint also says Mr. London tipped off Shaw about five KPMG clients, more than was previously known.
    See More Coverage »

    Not that the accountants have anything to brag about.

  7. SMH thought i had seen it all. guess not. but @kvoorhees there is a certain segments of society well known for killing their babies to chase men, because they don’t want to be mothers, there is even a story in all areas of the news right now about one who killed all 3 of her babies and put them all in freezers. so exactly what large segment of society are you referring to???

  8. Open your eyes, ye sanctimonious twits

    No toss, no foul. Just cracker lawyers.

  9. I watched the video. She is a bit nuts. She tossed the baby right into the other person’s arms and the kid was secure right off the catch.

  10. I watched the alleged ‘tossing’ segment of the video several times and did not see the baby being tossed, handed off with some vigor yes, but not tossed. The woman had a pink thing also, a coat or blanket or something and it was thrown off of her lap forward and onto the floor when she got up. That may be what people are seeing since the baby is wearing a dark pink/reddish cap. The behavior was outrageous though, she wasn’t being attacked, she left her seat to go to the front of the bus and attack someone else. Isn’t that an assault?

  11. Unlike some of you, I find nothing amusing about this. I wonder why the driver let this continue as long as it did?

  12. It used to be that “rules of the elevator” also applied to public transportation. Why do so many now feel the pressing need to behave like idiots when in public?

  13. rafflaw,

    “Any mother who would engage in the verbal trash that was going on prior to the fight and the tossing of the baby, is not fit to take care of that child.”

    Don’t you mean, “any parent.”

  14. britt,
    Any mother who would engage in the verbal trash that was going on prior to the fight and the tossing of the baby, is not fit to take care of that child. It doesn’t matter who this mother was or what her color was, it was stupid and scary and endangered the child. Not to mention scaring the child with so-called adults screaming at each other. BTW, I did see the baby airborne. What would have happened if the person who she tossed the baby to was not prepared to catch the baby??

  15. R Campbell iv watched the video repeatedly and finally someone sees the actually truth besides me..people are so cruel and judgemental in a bad way. She’s not a bad mother just young… had this been a white women the title would have been “mother pushes child out the way from brawl” I’m sorry to pull the race card but it is what it is…yes she was loud and using terrible language..but she meant no harm to her child…it clear.. that lady should have not tried to fight her know she had her child with her…like I said it she asked repeatedly for someone to get her baby.she wasn’t going to drag her baby into a fight or get attacked while holding her would you?

  16. I’ve watched the video five times. I don’t see a throw. I saw her stand, plant her right foot and step forward toward a person across the aisle. She did thrust the child into someone else’s hands, but I never saw the child airborne in any way. Was the entire episode bizarre? Absolutely. Is she a terrible example for the child? No doubt. Is she a terrible mother? Not sure, don’t know enough to make that leap.

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