Former Tennessee Vice Mayor Arrested For Allegedly DWM — Driving While . . .

originalIn Kingsport, Tennessee, former Mount Carmel Vice Mayor William Blakely is accused of distracted driving. No he was not texting or reading while driving. That would actually be an improvement according to others drivers. Rather, other drivers accused him of exposing himself and masturbating while driving.

Kelly Street reported “At over 90 miles per hour, he had his penis out [the window]… he was masturbating… and that’s when it got really, really bad. I wouldn’t look over any more, and I wrote his tag number down on my hand, which I believe he noticed, and he exited very quickly.” I am not sure how Blakely would have physically succeeded in driving while actually extending his member out the windows. That would require not only a fair degree to flexibility but endowment.

Yet, other drivers like Deborah Sturgill said that “I was scared that I was gonna wreck, he was gonna cause me to wreck.”

The witnesses told police that Blakely would first get their attention by honking and pulling into their lane. He would allegedly make gestures of begging to ask them to expose themselves.

Police says that they received dozens of calls about such conduct over three or four years from alleged victims of ages from 16 to 65.

Blakely is now charged with indecent and reckless endangerment, and criminal attempt to commit aggravated assault. I guess that is no DWM, driving while masturbating provision.

It will be interesting if Blakely claims that, as does Anthony Weiner, that it was really the technology of the car that prompted him to expose himself. In any case, Weiner shows that exposing yourself to unconsenting women should not be a barrier to public office.

Source: WJHL

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  1. AY,
    I thought he was just using his Mashie in preparation for the Masters! 🙂

  2. You know … This guy was heading to the masters and was just trying to keep his putz shot gleaning……

  3. Gene wrote:

    Not only that, but it seems this guy figured out how to make a Wankel with only two moving parts. Well. One moving and one relatively stationary part anyway
    Hopefully he stays away from electric motors: Surly, he has stator problems from his armature going too fast.

  4. His penis was showing out from under his idol clothing. Big deal. People need to stop acting like devils bug eyed saying arrest, arrest, arrest .

  5. I guess we now know what the Vice Mayor’s vice was.
    But since he apparently found a new position, who cares?

  6. It seems that former Mount Carmel Vice Mayor William Blakely is taking autoeroticism to new extremes.

  7. Darren,

    Not only that, but it seems this guy figured out how to make a Wankel with only two moving parts. Well. One moving and one relatively stationary part anyway.

    And Blakely! I know you’re a pol so that automatically means you’re somewhat of a narcissist but, hey, show a little self-restraint on the self-love, dingus. You knocking one out isn’t a good reason to put other drivers at risk.

  8. Darren,
    a Wankel rotary engine?!! This guy is either a contortionist and/or is related to John Dillinger in order to pull this one off! 🙂

  9. Yes Darren, that was quite clever….maybe you should consider stand up…

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    you say hot nuts I dont give a damn….

  11. [music]
    Hot nuts, Not nuts,
    Ya gettem from the peanut man,
    Oh, Hot nuts, hot nuts,
    Ya get em any way you can…

  12. I was trying to put on a blog excerpt about a band known as Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts. WordPress put it on Awaiting Moderation.

  13. The local radio channel there said that he was playing a song called Hot Nuts on his CD when pulled over.
    I looked it up.

    Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, also known as Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts, The Hot Nuts and, since the death of Doug Clark in 2002, Doug Clark’s Hot Nuts, is a rhythm and blues, rock and novelty band that has played party and club dates for more than fifty years. Starting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, they became famous on the college circuit in the southeastern United States in the early 1960s for their risqué song lyrics and jokes, and for allegedly performing in various states of undress. Their signature song was Hot Nuts. Other songs that they were known by included: My Ding-a-Ling, Big Jugs (based on Big Bad John), He’s Got the Whole World by the Balls, Baby Let Me Bang Your Box, The Bearded Clam (is a delicacy that won’t be found in the deep blue sea), Gay Caballero and Two Old Maids. It has been said that the Hot Nuts were the inspiration for the Otis Day and the Knights group in the movie Animal House. Their first album had a picture of the band on the cover, with Doug Clark “flipping the bird” to the audience. All of the Hot Nuts albums were on the “Gross” label, a subsidiary of Jubilee Records created solely for the band. Even though Jubilee published a line of “party” records with risqué material, the Jubilee name did not appear anywhere on the Gross albums. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts influenced contemporary artists such as Too Short and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

  14. I would doubledog dare someone to shake hands with him after city council meeting.

  15. I wonder if its ok to shoot back if someone is aiming that thing at you from a moving car?

  16. Could you imagine working the parking lot at some place and driving that car after he man handled it?

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