Texas Justice of Peace Identified As Suspect In Killing Of Texas District Attorney and His Wife

article-0-19466412000005DC-370_634x500Despite the deluge of stories on how white supremacists and other gangs are killing prosecutors, Texas police have said that they believe that the recent murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia and an assistant DA, were the work not of gangland hitmen but a disgruntled former justice of the peace named Eric Williams, 46. However, Williams is thus far charged with making a “terroristic threat” to residents via email and being held on $3 million bond.

Police told media that they have “strong evidence” linking Williams to the murders.

Williams had previously been successfully prosecuted by the two male victims. He was convicted in March 2012 of burglary of a building and theft by a public servant. The evidence in the case was conclusive. It included surveillance video of Williams taking computer equipment from a county building. He was given two months of probation but lost his justice of the peace position.

He is known for being seen zipping around on a Segway in fatigues as a member of the Texas Guard.

Source: Daily Mail

23 thoughts on “Texas Justice of Peace Identified As Suspect In Killing Of Texas District Attorney and His Wife”

  1. Dredd,

    I guess I must state you were correct based upon the information thus far….. I will say that East Texas justice is like no other….. They will stop you in Kaufman county just for going the speed limit…… Especially if you happen to be on I-20 and black…..

  2. Dredd,

    What is strong evidence? I am not sure exactly what that is….. Some of the things that I’ve heard are most disturbing…..but just because someone has stuff similar to that which was used…..

    In the infamous deeds of the former Texas DA…… Henry Wade…… It takes a good trial attorney to win a conviction when the evidence is there…..But it takes even a better attorney to convict when you have very little evidence…..

    Don’t forget that Texas will execute an innocent man…..Just because…..

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