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  1. That Lutheran Charity which sends dogs to Newtown and now Boston is thoughtful. There are certain senior citizen residency homes which have so called support dogs come in to yak and entertain the residents on a daily basis. There are also certain prisons which have dog/inmate programs whereby the inmates take in these dogs and train them to be support dogs and then send them out to the community. The trauma for the inmates when they give up the dog is immense. The lessons learned and the healing which the inmates undergo by associating with their dog pals is immense. We have a support dog here at the marina for a crippled vet and the dog graduated from a prison in North Carolina. The inmates write letters. We translate the letters into the Dogalogue Machine and bark em out to the dogs.

  2. My aunt had a Husky that could discern, when you entered a room (particularly the TV room) where you were going to sit. She would get to the seat first. We would play that game over and over with her. She never tired of it and neither did we.

  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/16/newtown-dogs-boston_n_3093840.html

    “Newtown Therapy Dogs Headed To Boston To Provide Comfort In Wake Of Boston Marathon Attack

    Good dogs!

    Therapy dogs that comforted the suffering in Newtown were on their way to do the same in Boston Tuesday night.

    A handful of golden retrievers and their handlers dispatched by Lutheran Church Charities in Chicago are scheduled to visit hospitals, schools and anywhere else the four-legged pals can help, Pastor Ingo Dutzmann of Boston’s First Lutheran Church told The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

    First Lutheran Church, located just four blocks from the marathon finish where two bombs killed four and injured scores on Monday, is hosting the animals and will shuttle them to the sites.

    “Animals have an uncanny ability … to discern that you and I have sadness and distress,” Dutzmann said. “Rather than shying away from it, they’re attracted to it. They will literally go in a classroom of children and literally find the child most afraid of something.”

    The dogs from the Lutheran Church Charities’ K-9 Comfort Ministry will also participate in services at the church, the pastor added.

    Two of the pooches, Addy and Maggie, were arriving directly from Newtown, Conn., site of the Sandy Hook shooting in December. Luther, Ruthie and Isiah were accompanied from Chicago by Tim Hetzner, the president of Lutheran Church Charities.

    All five dogs had worked in Newtown to aid the grieving and frightened, Hetzner confirmed. They even had attended President Barack Obama’s speech at an interfaith memorial.

    “They just help people as they process all the emotions they go through in any type of crisis,” Hetzner said to HuffPost.”

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