Buffalo Professor Arrested for Verbally Attacking Students Over Pro-Life Display

CurryLaura Curry, a professor of film at the University of Buffalo, has been arrested after she confronted a pro-life demonstration using profane language. In the video below, Curry objects to being asked to stop because of her language. She insists that she has a first amendment right to swear. In my view, she is correct. I do not see how this is any cognizable crime. One can certainly disagree with the tenor or public conduct of the professor, but this would seem protected speech. This is the second such arrest of a professor in a month for denouncing a campus demonstration. There are really two legal issues presented in such cases: a criminal case (which is quite weak) and an academic case (which is likely to be more substantial) against the professor.

Curry is shown on the video below confronting the students on a picture shown in their pro-life displays, which she called “fucking profane.” Police tell her that she is being disruptive and to stop swearing. Curry asked “Where does it say I can’t use the fuck word in public . . I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.” She asks why she can be stopped for being profane but they can show a poster viewed as profane.

As she is arrested, Curry is heard asking a witness to tell her students that she will miss her class because she is being arrested.

Curry is an adjunct instructor of media study.

As with the earlier Oregon story, the arrest will raise a question over whether a professor should have to comply with a more restrictive standard of conduct than an ordinary citizen on campus. I personally believe that professors can protest but they have to be more measured in their conduct as part of maintaining a community where different views and values can be expressed. Moreover, this is not the type of dialogue that we try to encourage in campuses. You can strongly disagree without reducing such confrontations to swearing contests. This are tough questions for faculty that balance free speech of faculty with faculty codes imposing standards of conduct. The Emory Faculty Handbook bars faculty from “Inappropriate, disruptive, discourteous or irregular behavior adversely affecting students, employees, patients, or visitors.” There are similar prohibitions at other schools sites.

What is clear is that this should not be a criminal case and the arrest should not have occurred in my view. The matter should be left to the University of Buffalo faculty on whether this conduct meets the standard of a professor at the university.

Here is the handbook: 2013FacultyHandbookInt

80 thoughts on “Buffalo Professor Arrested for Verbally Attacking Students Over Pro-Life Display

  1. She insists that she has a first amendment right to swear. In my view, she is correct. I do not see how this is any cognizable crime. One can certainly disagree with the tenor or public conduct of the professor, but this would seem protected speech.

    Another bad arrest by ill informed lawless enforcement.

  2. The arrest was illegal and ridiculous. Beyond that though the entire issue of profane language has always seemed both ridiculous and hypocritical to me. It is only words. Some words have been deemed proper “excrement” for instance, yet “sh*t” is considered improper. Why is that? The use of the “F” word (the fact that I have to denote it as such due to WordPress is an absurdity) is so common in private speech, yet is censored on the airways and as such is nonsensical to my viewpoint.

  3. While the university may be able to sanction her or discipline her, the arrest is bogus and I think she should look into a false arrest action. Where is George Carlin when you need him?:)

  4. A Forced Pregnancy demo might make me use profanity, too. She doesn’t sound out of control, just in strong disagreement. A university review, should one happen, should not include the fact that she missed teaching a class since the arrest should not have occurred.

  5. Blouise – F*? heck, I posted yesterday using a common term for the child of an unwed relationship & got blocked. pretty sensitive folks around here

  6. Oh dear. Those poor cops don’t deal well with “hysteria” do they? Poor dear. Her shoes were probably too tight, that’s what she gets for leaving the house.

    One hopes the same strength of her vocabulary will sustain her in court where she has the opportunity to strike back with all due course. Is there now some national standard that you have to have a certain percentage of effing morons on your local police force? That fraction is dangerously high.

    Yes, I said “effing.”

  7. As an aside, what purpose did that professor serve by this rant. A better approach might have been to respectfully confront the demonstrators with some rational argument instead of an atavistic verbal assault. She has made the point for the demonstrators that their approach is the more rational one when those barbaric signs suggest otherwise.

    While in law school, I once saw a crazy protest in Richmond against an abortion clinic by some religious right wackos. The situation was diffused by the father of one of the young women seeking treatment. Confronted with threats and cries of “Murderer” and “Baby Killer,” the man left his wife and daughter for a moment, and went up to one of the more antagonistic screamers. He asked her what church she attended. When told, he replied: “I’m fifty-years-old. I’ve been to church every Sunday. I’ve never read one passage or heard one homily about Jesus hating anyone.”

    He walked into the building amid complete silence.

  8. Censored speech is not free speech. I think the professor has a right to express an opinion.

    The only point of restraint I would worry about is if she is cursing at students she teaches; but certainly that is not a matter for POLICE, and for the POLICE, this was a false arrest and harassment and they should be punished. I hope she files a lawsuit.

  9. What I don’t get is recent assertions that obscenity CAN be investigated under anti-terrorism laws, and terrorism can be defined as loosely as “any action intimidating a civilian”…and we see this woman arrested for loudly voicing her opinion; and yet the KKK can march with their hate on parade —which would definitely infuriate and intimidate me were I a person of color.
    Some pretty selective implementation of legal prerogatives it seems.

  10. This country has always had a problem with outspoken women.

    In the late 19th century two sisters, Tennessee Claflin and Victoria Claflin Woodhull, “ran both a successful stockbroking firm and published a magazine named Woodhull And Claflin’s Weekly, which espoused a variety of utopian schemes and engaged in an early form of ‘outing’ . . .”

    Archives are here:

    In 1872, Woodhull ran for president (the Equal Rights Party) with Frederick Douglas as her VP candidate. However, with her outspokenness they didn’t get far:

    “If I want sexual intercourse with one or one hundred men I shall have it. And this sexual intercourse business may as well be discussed . . . until you are so familiar with your sexual organs that a reference to them will no longer make the blush mount to your face any more than a reference to any other part of your body.”

    From 1872-1893, Angela Heywood, with her publisher husband, Ezra, contributed to The Word, a periodical that openly discussed sexuality, abortion, birth control, and women’s rights. Angela was also very outspoken:

    “Angela Heywood launched a spirited campaign for free love in which she made the universal acceptance of ‘f***’ a central tenet. Why should she be compelled to use the term ‘generative sexual intercourse’ in her lectures, she repeatedly asked: ‘Three words, twenty-seven letters, to define a given action . . . commonly spoken in one word of four letters that everybody knows the meaning of.'”

    Quoted material from:

    Bill Bryson. “Made In America: An Informal History Of The English Language In The United States.” Avon Books. New York, N.Y. 1994. 311-313.

  11. I’m agnostic on this one. Using profane language At some point, screaming “that is f*cking profane!” at someone crosses the line of disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct. I’m not sure what I see on video quite gets there, but it’s a judgment call and the cops certainly seem to have given her fair warning before arresting her. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t capture what she was doing before the police started talking to her.

  12. Dave 1, April 18, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Her problem was volume. That’s why they moved in.


    Woe to the woman who dares to raise her voice.

  13. And what Tony C. said.


    Blouise on April 18, 2013 at 10:15 am:

    F*ck is a great word … but I can’t use it here.


    We can’t, but…

  14. Beyond that though the entire issue of profane language has always seemed both ridiculous and hypocritical to me. It is only words. Some words have been deemed proper “excrement” for instance, yet “sh*t” is considered improper. Why is that?

    Well, a lot of times in English its tied up with class. Common English words are deemed “course” because that’s what the poor would use, where as the educated would use French or Latin or whatever.

    Sometimes there’s a really interesting thing where a euphemism gets so popular that it stops being a euphemism and starts just being the word for something.

  15. Reverse roles[pro choice protestor being profanely confronted by a pro life professor] and I think many here would have a much different take. Just sayn’. I can’t watch the video so I am only commenting about a role reversal hypothetical. I can’t make an assessment on this incident w/o the video.

  16. Nick,

    How dare you profane an act of free speech regardless if which side it is….

    Glad you’re back buddy..

  17. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/17/laura-curry-arrested_n_3102694.html

    “Curry was not the only faculty member to voice her objection to the pro-life display. The Spectrum published a letter to the editor Tuesday from a group of six University of Buffalo professors who were “disturbed by the equation of those who support women’s reproductive rights with those who lynched thousands of African American men and women in the 19th and 20th centuries.”

    The professors added that any students who wished to know more about why they objected to that equation could “take any of our classes.””

  18. I swear like a sailor. But, I am always cognizant of the enviroment. I consider it part of the social contract to not use profanity when children are around. I just got back from watching the Brewers beat the Giants. It was a kid/sr. day and there were many kids around. A guy a few rows back was drunk and throwing around “f@ck, assh@le”, etc. A matronly woman nearby just appealed to the man on behalf of the kids[presumably grandkids] w/ her. The guy grumbled and stopped. Anyone who goes to baseball/football games w/ kids knows this is a HUGE problem. When my kids were little I would buy a beer[s] for profane men[it’s almost always men!]. I would say what I just said here that I’m not a prude but we’re talking kids. Except for maybe once ot twice the men got it and stopped being profane.

    Another “possibly false” anecdote?? I’ve got my ticket stub and witnessess for you skeptical cowards.

  19. Reverse roles[pro choice protestor being profanely confronted by a pro life professor] and I think many here would have a much different take. Just sayn’.

    Well I think that if it was a guy in a monkey suit throwing poop at a lizard dressed like the Pope we’d have a lousy art school project.

    Accusing people of having double standards because of how you think they’d act if things were different is about as nonsensical as critiquing a piece of performance art you imagined someone doing.

  20. AY, My sojourn from San Diego ended late Tuesday when I got back to cold/ wet Wisconsin. I wish I were still in San Diego but I’m always happy to hear from you no matter where I am. And, although I was angry about the Wi. taxpayers being on the hook to build the Brewers and movable roof ballpark, I have to say it’s nice this time of year. Those cheap Norwegians in Mn. built a ballpark for the Twins but skimped on the roof. Again, I consider this taxpayer funded ballparks the worst form of corporate welfare. But, if you’re going to do it, @ least do it w/ common sense!

  21. Gyges, This forum is ripe w/ hypocritical double standards. But, you can personally refute my assertion in this thread if you wish and I’ll take you @ your word.

  22. Nick,

    “Another “possibly false” anecdote??”

    Probably, as there is a difference between ball games and protests on a campus.

  23. Nick,

    If you promise to never dress in a monkey suit and throw poop at a lizard dressed like the Pope, I promise I’ll believe you too.

    Of course why on earth either of us should feel it necessary to assure the other one we’ll behave differently than the mysterious unnamed entities of the others fevered dreams is beyond me.

  24. There was no more justification for arresting this person than there would have been for arresting Todd Akin for his rape comments. This should be considered an internal administrative matter.

  25. gbk, The “false anecdote” derives from a person who used innuendo to obtusely call me a liar. His cowardly accusation questioned the anecdote being true. I tend to agree w/ you there is some difference between the 2 venues. And, while I believe the Constitution trumps the social contract, our culture will be worthless w/o both.

  26. I couldn’t review the video since the link was broken so I only will comment on generalities. Unless the woman in this story was arrested for taunting others to engage in fighting or use abusive language to create fear of an assault on behalf of others the use of cuss words is protected speech. If she prevented the people from performing their lawful demonstration that might be another.

    I am assuming also this professor here did not accost the students as was recently alleged against the Oregon professor. In that case I would agree he was lawfully arrested. If this case only involves the cussing, I would say it was not valid.

  27. Nick,

    “The “false anecdote” derives from a person who used innuendo to obtusely call me a liar. His cowardly accusation questioned the anecdote being true.”

    Call him out in then — in the thread where this egregious act was committed. Why here, why now?

  28. gbk, Believe me, I called him out then, and every chance I get. I put up a 1k wager that was not taken. Cowards just like to slink away and hope everything is forgotten. We dagos NEVER forget. I apologize if it distracted you in this thread. If the person will just man up, I’ll cease. Otherwise, I’m Joe Frazier, and Joe just kept comin’!

  29. DREDD,

    Where everybody is going wrong is “has been arrested after she confronted a pro-life demonstration” she confronted them and that is not protected under the first amendment. She has a right to her opinion but can’t confront others whom she disagrees. Also, since when does a college get to decide what punishment one receives if their actions fringe on disturbing the peace?

  30. Nick,

    You prove once again your inability to be aware enough to actually understand your faults. That’s so sad for you, but considering your treacly false bonhomie I just find it funny and pathetic.

  31. Nick,

    Any resemblance between you and Joe Frazier is in your fevered imagination. Joe Frazier was a great fighter with heart. You on the other hand lack the skill to hold your own here and think uou are being picked on when that is pointed out to you. Poor Nick the victim is the game you play and that does not evince courage at all.

  32. Nick,

    “I apologize if it distracted you in this thread.”

    No distraction, Nick. Just a humorous sidelight as the thread is about a woman getting arrested for, well, I’m not sure what she was arrested for.

    But I can assure you it has no correlation to obnoxious fans at a ball game, whether you have the ticket stubs or not.

  33. Since its Laura Curry, a woman, giving her sincere opinion on a sensitive women’s issue, its all the more reason for campus police to back off & keep the peace in a less intrusive way.

  34. Nick: consider it part of the social contract to not use profanity when children are around.

    College students are not children any more than the professors are, if you are trying to imply that they are. They are drinking, smoking, toking, driving, voting, and being over the age of consent, most have been “consenting” with enthusiasm.

  35. @Anonymously Posted

    The same would have happened if she was a he. I don’t agree with her arrest, but raising the volume, from the view of the cops, is different than silent pictures.

  36. Jim: she confronted them and that is not protected under the first amendment. She has a right to her opinion but can’t confront others whom she disagrees.

    That is complete B.S., her “confrontation” was entirely verbal, and that IS protected under the first amendment. You do not get to bypass the first amendment by calling speech “confrontation.” The point of free speech is to let people freely express their opinions, good or bad, in good or bad language, and that is what this professor was doing. You are completely wrong.

  37. I don’t agree with her arrest, but raising the volume, from the view of the cops, is different than silent pictures. -Dave

    I watched the video.

    The same would have happened if she was a he. -Dave


    It was a bad arrest. Needn’t have happened.

  38. And, to those w/ poor reading skills, I acknowledged there are differences between a campus and ballpark. Does Evelyn Wood still hold reading classes.

  39. Nick: Who, ME man up? I think you are a liar that makes up your “anecdotes” (or “idealizes” the truth) because you are too much of a coward to just give your opinion without pretending it applies to real life. You need the false anecdote as a shield for your opinion, so you can hide behind it and say “but it really happened!”

    As for your ticket stubs, that would prove nothing, not even that you attended the game; I could have picked them up all day long outside the last ballpark I attended. They certainly do not prove anything you claim happened between you and some random fan at the game.

    Of course there is a certain type of person in the threads, that just loves to try and make it personal, to use threats of personal retaliation, that cannot handle debate without the implication of physical violence, that type of person that thinks “real men” should only express an opinion if they are willing to back it up with fisticuffs.

    I fail to see how being “a man” means giving in to somebody else’s infantile demands.

  40. Wow, I have a standing 1k offer. You name the “lie” or “false anecdote” and I’ll prove it w/ a mutually agreed upon arbiter. I was calling out the person who used innuendo and cowardly language to imply I was a liar. At least you had the balls to call me a liar. Do you have the balls to put up 1k? I HAVE NEVER THREATENED ANYONE W/ PERSONAL RETALIATION, OR ANY TYPE OF THREATS. Now you’re using innuendo. I’m guessing some anger issues are causing you to overreact. I’m sorry for your demons..there is help if you want it.

    In my work I found many times the people who were always suspicious of other people’s truthfulness were actually just projecting their proclivity to dissemble. That applied to both witnesses and clients. Even attorneys who HATE me will say I’m straight and honest. I’ve testified under oath hundreds of times and I am truthful always, sometimes to a fault when I’m brutally honest. I truly can’t remember ANYONE else but people here calling me a liar. That’s pretty serious stuff. You and your fellow accuser are merely diminishing yourselves. So, put up or shut up. You always brag about your businesses, 1k should be chump change for a man of your stature. And, I take you @ your word on your success since I have no proof otherwise and know people are basically good and honest. However, I was always thankful for those who aren’t..that’s how I made my living.

  41. You didn’t respond to the point I made about my acknowledging there are differences between a ballpark and campus and your missing that prior to your rant. It’s all on the record. I guess you were just looking for conflict.

  42. Your threat is implied in trying to discover somebody’s identity, your threat is implied in claiming that people don’t have the balls to meet you in the real world.

    You can endorse yourself all you want, if I didn’t believe your stories, why should I believe your self-endorsement?

    In my work I found many times the people who were always suspicious of other people’s truthfulness were actually the people that had been burned before, and were now the people most successful because they were the least likely to fall for a ruse, fraud or lie, small or large.

    What I learned in business, the hard way, is that “trust” is an emotion that one relies upon at one’s peril. That’s the wonderful thing about business, they invented contracts that minimize the reliance on trust. I have, on several occasions, saved my own butt by incorporating verbal promises into my contract, only to have the promiser refuse to commit in writing. (But say something like, “trust me, we want that too, but the lawyers won’t let us…”)

    Just last year, in fact, that happened again while negotiating a contract for a former employee (that sensibly did not trust his client). A lack of trust or suspicion of dissembling is not a projection, it is a learned response to swimming with sharks and getting bitten.

    I do not diminish myself by being brutally honest any more than you do when you are brutally honest.

  43. Nick: In your post at 6:21 PM I see no such caveat. That is the post to which I was responding. When you wrote it, you apparently thought your “anecdote” applied to the campus situation. Why? I presume because you mistakenly think of college students as “kids,” which I find a belittling attitude, whether you made a belated concession or not, to me it reveals your patriarchal frame of mind.

  44. I stated @ 7:17p there is a difference in the 2 venues. You responded @ 7:26p not acknowledging what I wrote 9 minutes prior. As stated previously, it is on the record. Again, you are diminishing yourself by calling me a liar and offering no specifics, and no balls of putting money where your angry mouth is. The first rule of those in a hole is to stop digging. And, I’m not saying “trust me”. I’m saying make a specific allegation where you believe I lied and put up 1k. You won’t have to prove a negative, that is unfair. The burden of proof will be mine w/ a preponderance of evidence being the standard.

    What is so amazing about your specific accusation here is that you apparently don’t go to ballgames. If you did, you would know the vast majority of tix are purchased online. You print out your tix @ home. Since I purchased the tix for myself, wife, son and friend, all tix bear my name and the last 4 digits of my credit card. I always save my tix for nostalgia sake. Additionally, if you did go to ballgames you would know many times during the course of games there are problems w/ drunken fans being profane around kids. Hell, on the east coast[NY, Boston, Philly] it’s tantamount to child abuse to take a kid to a game. That’s why all ballparks have family sections but they’re small and poor seats usually. Just let this go, man.

  45. nick:

    I have a 24 year old son and he is a kid, he is smart as hell but he dont know fookin shinola. Can I join you in your patriarchal frame of mind? LOL

    Does that come with cigars and whiskey or scotch, golf, ball games and a big bank account? I could enjoy that.

  46. Bron, There are a lot of kids like your son. Here is an anecdote that my daughter can verify. She is a college grad[public relations] and very sharp. She got married last year in Mn. When they went to get the marriage license she was taken aback @ the cost. She asked if the yearly renewal of the marriage license would be the same. The clerk thought she was being sarcastic but she actually thought one had to renew the marriage license like a fishing license, which she had just renewed a couple months prior. To her credit, she told people and can take the laughs and ballbusting.

    And yes, the patriarchal club comes w/ all you stated and a monocle!

  47. Nick: What is so amazing about your specific accusation here is that you apparently don’t go to ballgames.

    I said the last time I had been; I did not say I had been frequently. But I have been. I have also been to a football game, and a soccer game, and a basketball game. I’ve even watched a volleyball tournament in person.

    Further, I said I think you are lying. Do you wish to disprove what I think? Do you want me to somehow prove that I think that? You are being incoherent; I think your stories are made up. I don’t care if you went to a ballgame, that doesn’t prove your anecdote is true. I don’t think it is. Sure, there may be drunk fans; they irritate you, and in response you like to buy them a beer and give the drunk a little parental talking to, and that mostly works. Riiiight. I worked as a barback (I was underage so my title was “dishwasher” but I was a barback) in high school, I know a thing or two about drunks, and that doesn’t sound like a drunk to me.

    As for your 1K bet, you are right, I wouldn’t miss it. But I am not going to undo my anonymity with anyone here for something as trivial as that, certainly not to satisfy your infantile macho challenge. I don’t believe your story.

  48. I’ll make sure you remain anonymous. It’s more than a bit curious that a man who uses his real name, gives identifying info about himself, and is an open book, is being called a liar by someone afraid to use his name or give anything but very vague references to his business expertise. You can’t make this shit up. If I didn’t have class, which you are sorely lacking, I would call you a liar. But, I’m better than that. Good night and God bless.

  49. How precious a standing 1K bet. Macho tactic of the childish variety. People pay a PI to do detailed investigations, which would be necesssary to prove an anecdote false. Cost would cut into 1K profit, ergo bad bet snd yhr last refuge of s scoundrel. Having an apt anecdote for sll situations is improbable snd thus seems suspect. The problem is Nick’s ressoning power bscked up by suspect anecdotes. Sort of like my saying I once knew a PI well and he was a liar, ergo all PI ‘s are liars, the logic of which is all Nick’s got.

  50. Apparently someone has forgotten the anonymity rule, so I’ll remind you.

    Posters are allowed to post anonymously. Their identifying information will not be revealed by the host, guest bloggers or third party posters without that anonymous poster’s consent.

    As an aside, threatening to reveal the identity of anonymous posters is strongly frowned upon and certainly not going to win you any friends.

    You got warned on the abusing the civility rule. Unlike the civility rule, which is by necessity flexible, this is a black line rule as is the “no hijacking other poster’s identity” rule. You won’t get a warning if you cross this particular line.

    You’ll just get the boot.

    Carry on.

  51. Nick: by someone afraid to use his name or give anything but very vague references to his business expertise.

    I am not “afraid,” I am cautious with reason. Just as there is a difference between “bravery” and “foolishness” there is a difference between “caution” and “fear.”

    I have seen tenured professors lose their jobs over petty squabbles, university politics, and for PR reasons. I am a professor but not tenured; my contract has to be renewed yearly, and I can be summarily dismissed without cause. That is fine by me, I prefer shorter-term work commitments, before I retired to academia I was a consultant, and my gigs lasted 3 months to a year. But my contract includes the risk of petty retaliation which I have already seen exercised more than once.

  52. The 3 Blind mice together again. I’m accused of being a liar in this thread. Then via innuendo of “threatening personal retaliation” and finally of “revealing an anonymous poster”. Well, the unholy trinity are 0 for 3. And the record indicates it. Now, when #1 mouse talked about being a dishwasher/back bar I could have said I have been a bartender in a regular tavern and also an Italian restaurant for about 3 years. And, in the stadium realm I have been a beer vendor @ Royals and Arrowhead Stadium [1975-76], two things mentioned in this forum previously. Additionally, I have attended @ least 500 baseball games and have been to 23 ML parks. I’ve attended ~75 NFL games[8 stadiums] and was even a Chiefs season tix holder for one season[they really sucked but it was a wedding gift]. I’ve been to probably 50 NBA games and the same # of NHL games. I’ve been to numerous postseason games in all sports and 5 World Series game. I was @ the classic Kirby Puckett walk off home run vs. the Braves. The greatest game I’ve ever seen.

    As stated previously, I have lead a fascinating life and I thank God for that. However, my experiences are also a result of hard work[I am an overachiever.not underachiever like some!] self discipline, and great family and friends. The love of baseball came from my old man. So, whether you myopic trio realize it, I often bite my tongue when it comes to my experiences. I don’t do that w/ folks who know me. They know my life and ask for these anecdotes. Your resentment of me is diminishing you. As people here get to know me, the # of people of your ilk has dwindled. You’re the hard core 3. Remember, resentment is hating another person but instead of giving them poison, you end up drinking the poison yourself.

  53. I dont know, if you really live life there are many stories to tell. Nick is in his 60’s and as a private detective he has probably seen all manner of human fraility and strength.

    There are people who do more than just sit behind a desk, those who muck it up and really live. The Hemingway’s of this world or the adventurers and sportsmen like Zane Grey.

    The people who we read about and secretly admire for their spirit or hate because they show us how weak we are and what we could have done if only we had the guts.

  54. Who warned me on the civility rule..YOU?? That’s The Onion material. There was a heated thread where I was the only person w/ integrity to apologize to Mr. Turley. However, I was not singled out and I would bet[macho I know] I was not the only one to whom he was speaking. Just because I was the only person to accept responsibility does not mean I was the only one responsible. A 4th grader can understand that. And where has this thread been uncivil, except for the shoot from the hip accusations thrown @ me, including “liar.” Chrissake, give it up and get a job.

  55. Bron, Your support means a lot because you are well aware of the vitriol these 3 are capable of. Thanks!

  56. nick,

    Yeah, I did warn you about the civility rule and you ignored it. I even tried to illustrate the futility of your ad hominem tactics but that was a lesson you simply were incapable of learning. You saw how well that worked out for you. And guess what? I just warned you again about another rule you’re pushing. So keep it up. See how this works out for you too. Because if you out an anonymous poster? There won’t be any warning. You’ll simply be gone.

    If you have a problem that with the fact that what very few rules we do have around here we enforce, that would be your problem. You wouldn’t run afoul of the rules if you weren’t such a bad guest.

    I remind you again that your participation here is entirely voluntary.

    Carry on.

  57. nick:

    I like Joe DiMaggio, Rocky Marciano, Mario Andretti, Frank Sinatra, John Basilone, Victor Mature and Aldo Rey.

  58. bettykath, I am perceptive enough to know that this type of male behavior turns off the good women of this forum. Thanks for the kick in the ass. I get it but I’m probably the only one that does. I do have a life, and that is the rub w/ those who don’t.

  59. Bron, Pasta sucks?? I know there are some don’t like pasta but you surprise me on that. And, regarding the antics..I’ve found the most nasty people are insecure males. You know when of them is REALLY overcompensating when he fashions himself a military officer and keeps barking, “Carry on.” Ironic and pathetic from someone who despises the military.

    Finally, What about Mario and Andrew Cuomo??

  60. Straw man. I’ve never said I despised the military. The rest of what you say is simply par for your course, nick: more ad hominem gibberish.

    Carry on.

  61. Nick: The term is “barback.” I was on my own the last two years of high school, and to pay rent and buy food I worked about 30 hours a week as a dishwasher and barback; later I quit that to become a night janitor cleaning toilets in an office building. Those did their job, I was able to rent in the school district of my choice, and therefore attend and graduate from the (highly ranked) public high school of my choice.

    I am neither insecure or jealous. If anything, people on this blog think I am too secure, I have certainly been accused of being presumptuous, egotistical and arrogant for believing I am on an equal intellectual footing with their dead heroes of politics and philosophy.

  62. Bron, It is, you’re correct. I’m diabetic so I have to eat it sparingly. My old man used to say, “For Italians, pasta is oxygen, not just food.” So I only get oxygen ~once a week now.

  63. nick:

    how many jobs did you do as a kid and a young man? I did many myslef and some pretty good ones. paid for college they did. cant say I ever barbacked though, I washed dishes in high school and didnt much care for it so I stayed away from restaurants although I used to make Pizzas at a joint called Imo’s in Manchester, MO. Joe Guarino [sp?] was the manager. He used to call me Brun. He smoked Garcia Vega cigars at work and was a Korean War Vet. I worked for him for 2 years and enjoyed every hour.

  64. Bron, I started working as a caddy @ age 12. I also had a morning paper route[Waterbury Republican] @ that age until high school. I worked @ our family restaurant starting @ 15 and also did catering jobs for my uncle. I have worked every job in a restaurant. In high school I also worked drilling jobs all over New England in the summer. We would drill in quarrys[trap rock, silica, etc.] and then blow up the mountain! That was the fun day but the drilling was back breaking..lots of sledge hammering. I worked a lot of jobs in college during school and the summer. I bartended, unloaded trucks and trains, during the school year. During the summers I worked @ Pratt & Whitney and then 2 summers in Wildwood as a desk clerk @ a resort hotel. Best 2 summers of my life. I also had to pay my way through college w/ work and student loans. That resume is just through college..I worked many other jobs until starting my own biz in 1984. I’ve lived in 3 time zones and 7 states. That diversity is a big part of who I am.

    I didn’t know you were from The Show Me State!! Dagos can be great to work for but they can also be pricks. Sounds like Joe was a good one. But, you must have been a good worker because guys like Joe don’t abide no accounts. Those cheap dago cigars are horrible. My uncles smoked them. Never work for a Greek restaurant owner, although I know you’re past that stage of your life.

  65. nick:

    I have an Armenian friend, a little old lady, very fiesty and involved in local democratic politics, she says “he thinks he is a Greek god but he is just a god damn Greek.” So I imagine she would agree with you.

    She wanted to nuke Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan after 9/11 . We get along pretty well even if she is a democrat. She’s my kind of liberal.:)

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