9 thoughts on “Dog Wants A Kitten”

  1. I loved this, laughed out loud and then so disappointed to not see what kind of kitty he got. (:

  2. I was waiting for a cat to appear but none appeared. I will try of dub something like this but with an actual cat and dog!

  3. I SO want to see the follow-up to this video and what kind of a cat it is and how Clyde and the cat react to, or interact with, each other. If you went to the YouTube page you saw the info “Starring Clyde” so presumably the dog’s name is Clyde. Name’s appropriate!

    🙂 Now…, when, oh, when will we get to see the follow-up video with Clyde and his new kitty and what’s her name??? 🙂

  4. I’m having trouble getting access to my computer as my grandchild is watching this video over and over again. Here she comes … again …….

  5. A lot of cats and dogs get along. We had a cat here at the marina named RodneyKingCat. He got along.

  6. It seems our culture has become a duopoly in so many respects. Cat v Dog, Stones v Beatles, Coke v Pepsi. I learned if I wanted to motivate a timid class to start talking I would throw out the simple topic, “Coke or Pepsi.” The response was always passionate. I have never been of this duopoly mindset even before I came to despise our political duopoly. I attrribute this to growing up in Ct. where the most fierce duopoly resides, Yankees or Red Sox. My family and friends were rabid on both sides. My old man’s family were Yanks, my mom’s Red Sox. My father was good natured about it, but he really didn’t like the Red Sox. I loved my family, whether they were Yank or Sox fans. How could I dislike my Uncle Pat who would sit on the front porch in Bristol, Ct. listening to Curt Gowdy calling the Sox game on radio as he let me drink the foam off of his Schaefer beer? Baseball has been a powerful force in my life..all positive.

    Nal, I apologize for making this lighthearted post a bit serious. I always love your contributions.

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