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  1. HumpinDog 1, May 1, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    I do not get what the dog did wrong at some carnival.
    When you listen to the lyrics of “Dirty Paws” in the video above, lyrics below, you will understand the culpability of those like you that have a paw, and perhaps join forces to fight those who have no paws:

    “Jumping up and down the floor,
    my head is an animal.
    And once there was an animal,
    it had a son that mowed the lawn.

    The son was an ok guy,
    They had a pet dragonfly
    the dragonfly it ran away
    but it came back with a story to say.

    Her dirty paws and furry coat,
    she ran down the forest slope.
    The forest of talking trees,
    they used to sing about the birds and the bees.

    The bees had declared a war,
    the sky wasn’t big enough for them all.
    The birds, they got help from below,
    from Dirty Paws and the creatures of snow.

    And for a while things were cold,
    they were scared down in their holes.
    The forest that once was green
    was colored black by those killing machines.
    HumpinDog 1, May 1, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    I do not get what the dog did wrong at some carnival.

    But she and her furry friends
    took down the queen bee and her men.
    And that’s how the story goes,
    the story of the beast with those four dirty paws.

    But also perhaps not.

    Do not try to own and control all the paws dawg.

    Dig it?

  2. I knew from the title this was going to be about a dog – thinking of my own dog, it’s true.

  3. AY, Are you a Cub fan?

    The only way we’ll know if this is a carny is if he opens his mouth and has fewer than 6 teeth. We have an annual fireman’s festival every June w/ a carnival. I used to cringe when the carny’s would put my kids onto the rides. My professional eyes never lost sight of their hands!

  4. If that is his most expensive lesson learned, he gets off cheap. But, I doubt it is.

  5. Thats not the right picture! Playing with this guy would have made losing 2 grand almost worth it. (heck, plenty of pet owners have gone well beyond 2 grand for the opportunity!)

  6. Yeah… But when you see the Cardinals dippy cup…. You know it’s a real scam…

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