Head of Chinese School Confesses To Killing Students In Rival School With Poisoned Yogurt

170px-Yakult_(Yakult_Honsha)There are school rivalries and then there are Chinese school rivalries. In Beijing, two girls are dead after the head of a rival school allegedly poisoned yogurt and put the food outside of the kindergarten where children play. The two schools have been competing for students. (The picture is a common yogurt drink in China and not necessarily the brand used in this crime).

The head of the school has reportedly confessed that she injected rat poison in the yogurt and had someone put the yogurt with some books outside of the rival kindergarten in Pingshan county in Hebei province. The children found the material and took them home. Two them suffered convulsions after drinking the yogurt and died later.

Source: National Post

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  1. When I had mice I didn’t kill them, the kitties kept them in check was one reason; that I wouldn’t feed rat/mouse poison to even a rodent was the other. That is a horrible death, no being should have that visited upon them.

    Michael Val: “It’s crimes like this that make me vascilate on my opposition to the death penalty.” ** I know exactly what you mean.

  2. Death from rat poisoning is a particularly gruesome and painful way to die. Absolutely horrible that someone would intentionally kill kindergartners like this just for such a stupid reason. It’s crimes like this that make me vascilate on my opposition to the death penalty.

  3. Gary, that sentence should be read both ways
    This ‘administrator’ needs to die, badly.
    This ‘administrator’ needs to die badly.

  4. I wonder if the defense will claim she was inoculating it to kill the rats unscrupulously put into the yoghurt.

    That calloused humor aside, This is a deplorable crime and a death from rat poison can be particularily agonizing. Given China’s legal system a death penalty might be sought.

  5. Do they have to copy everything Americans do? Sheesh:

    In 1991, Holloway’s daughter, Shanna, was beaten out for a spot on her junior high school’s cheerleading squad by Amber Heath. In revenge, Holloway asked her ex-brother-in-law, Terry Harper, to hire a hitman, to kill Verna Heath, Amber’s mother. Holloway wanted the mother killed because she determined that the competing girl would be so devastated by her mother’s death that she would drop out of the team thereby giving the spot to Shanna. However, unknown to Holloway, Harper had gone straight to the police after Holloway approached him, and Holloway was arrested the next day. She became known as the “Pom-Pom Mom”, and her story gained national attention and spawned two TV movies.

    (Wikipedia). They need to work on their originality.

  6. Betty,

    Comparison of evils…. Is like claiming you the winner in Russian roulette…..

  7. This honestly makes me cry.
    Innocent children, just trying to live.
    This ‘administrator’ needs to die, badly.

  8. Aaaaaaaah, Population control in China, ain’t it great? In a population of 1.3 Billion…. whose going to miss a few kids??????????????

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