Winning The Hearts and Minds? Video Shows Syrian Rebel Leader Cutting Out And Eating Heart Of Fallen Enemy Soldier

Syrian Cannibal RebelMany of us have raised concern over the same voices in Congress who called for attacking Iraq, Libya, and other countries are now calling for yet another intervention in Syria. While many of the Syrian rebels forces have been tied to extreme Islamic groups, senators like John McCain and others want us to send weapons to these forces. This could be a repeat of what we saw in Afghanistan where we trained and equipped radical groups that then turned on the United States. The video below captures just how strange our bedfellows in Syria may be with a leading commander filmed as he ate the heart cut out of a Syrian soldier. The video shows how little we know about many of these groups and the increased savagery on both sides of this civil war. The video shows Abu Sakkar – the prominent founder of rebel group Farouq Brigade.

Human rights groups have denounced atrocities on both sides of the conflict. In the video, Sakkar cuts into the chest of the dead soldier before ripping out his heart and liver and declaring: “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog”. You can hear rebels chanting “Allahu akbar [God is Great]” as the commander engages in an act of cannibalism.

Such mistreatment of fallen enemy soldiers is a war crime under international law.

Abu Sakkar has been seen in previous videos posing with dead bodies and firing rockets at Lebanese Shi’ite villages.

Despite such videos, the drumbeat for war has been steadily rising in Washington for massive military aid in the Civil War. Even the Administration continues to speak of “red lines” and plans for intervention in a continuation of our past policies.

Here is the video.

Source: Independent

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  1. James:

    he probably didnt as there is a prohibition against fermented grape juice.

  2. Darren,
    I don’t think they care. Keep in mind that is a part of the world where the germ/virus causes of disease are not really considered. “Will of god” trumps everything.

  3. What if the soldier had Hep-C? Doh!

    Well from a psy-ops point of view I imagine this would either demoralize or strengthen their enemy’s resolve. Maybe Chuck can comment on this.

    How does one recogncile with their neighbors after a war such as this?

  4. Meanwhile, not far from Palestine, some Jewish women in Israel are getting a hard time when trying to pray at the Wall.
    They had to get a court order ruling that them praying there was not a crime (up until then it was considered so) for women to pray there, but their Orthodox brethern don’t recognise no stinkin’ court orders.

    All this violence and intolerance isn’t really a big deal, because they are all Israelis – who are practically American.
    If this involved Muslims giving women a hard time, it would be outrageous of course, and much tut-tutting at the very least would be expressed.

    Strange people.
    Who can explain them? – apart from Fox News.

  5. The Palestinian State is not going to allow Mad Mothers to enter their country or to have their voices heard–unless they put a scarf on their heads. This is just in from Yassar Arifat’s kid on google news.

  6. There is no such thing as an Arab Spring. Springboard to tyranny perhaps. Autumn for Poland and France. So Assad is a tyrant and he uses chemical weapons. What do you expect from an eye doctor? McCain wants to rush in and depose him. McCain still thinks like his daddy the Admiral and learned no lessons in those prison camps in Nam. Fools rush in.

  7. @voltaic: “Amazingly and stupidly, the GOP wants to arm and support these barbarians…”

    Why make this idiocy out as though it’s partisan? Obama wants to support these people. Many Dems agree. The idiocy isn’t GOP only.

  8. “And they are civilized…. Right…. Forgot….”

    At least he didn’t urinate on the body….. oh…Right… Forgot.

    Now for a civilized helicopter video about a bunch of guys – including two Reuters staff – just standing around.
    Then some good samaritan stops to aid the wounded. His children are in the truck.

    It’s about power.
    Here’s an easy starter summary of the Syrian conflict.

  9. 911 spam report on this thread. Need assistance. However, I declare my right to mention organ meats. Is wordpress part of PETA?

  10. I’m surprised wordpress didn’t block this post. It has a proven bias against organ meat. I guess wordpress could detect this organ was not consumed. Haggis, haggis, haggis.

  11. sling:

    it is about religion not power. To Asad it may be about power but it is about religion to his opponents.

  12. I have heard that it was actually a peice of lung that he bit into. Amateur surgeons can mistake lung for the liver apparently.

    The only thing to do with this man of “Islam (which) does just that by denying man his existence on earth” is to zap him and any innocent women and children nearby with a Christian drone strike. Christian-drone a second time as people arrive to try and dig survivors out. Christian-drone his funeral too in case thare are any like him attending it.

    There are no obvious “good guys” in that struggle. Both “sides” are comprised of largely independent groups – with the ‘rebel side’ having very separate groups . Both “sides” have comitted atrocities. Whether the chicken or the egg came first depends on who is saying. Rinse and repeat.

    The tide currently appears to be swinging in Assad’s favor. This may be due to him keeping regular troops in their barracks and putting militias from his own minority (~10%) Alawite ruling sect at the front end. These maniacs are busy ethnically cleansing Sunni Muslims ( the ~74% majority) from certain areas – slaugtering entire families and doing things not always captured as they happen for YouTube.

    The best thing to do would be to invade and impose Western peace, democracy and freedom – as was done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

    Lots of Saudi money is in there as usual stirring things up apparently, but that’s ok as they are our friends.
    It’s not about religion. It’s about power.

  13. Amazingly and stupidly, the GOP wants to arm and support these barbarians. Hannibal Lechter is alive and well in Syria.

  14. It would have been so much cooler if the enemy had been alive when he did this!

    There just isn’t a country in the world populated with brown people that the GOP would not love to bomb. Because bombing makes everything better. And thank Gawd we do this. I mean imagine if we had not bombed the living hell out of Viet Nam! Had we allowed that nasty Ho to take control of the nation it would have been an endless sea of trouble and misery. Instead look how much better it is today – we bomb because we care so much

  15. The heart? No, no, no. It’s the liver you’re supposed to eat to gain your enemy’s power. But then again, I suppose that’s one of the disadvantages of being barbarians. You haven’t ever seen Jeremiah Johnson.

  16. didnt primitive people do this? The cult of death has now embraced cannibalism. Seems like a natural progression to me. Dehumanize man and he becomes a beast. Islam does just that by denying man his existence on earth.

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