Cat On A Hot Tan Woof

UNlcUNP Even on the first day in the house, the new kitten establishes the feline view of the natural order of things.

What is truly impressive is that cats convince dogs it is better this way.

20 thoughts on “Cat On A Hot Tan Woof

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  2. Goldens are indeed patient and long-suffering, and they make certain that you know it.

  3. a cat masseuse.
    Bron, all sporting I think are wonderful and patient. I grew up with Gordon Setters. Pet me, hug me, love me and I love you no matter what was their mantra.

  4. The cats at the marina here at getting their own version of the Dogalogue Machine. They are as bright as can be. The Catologue Machine (no pun intended) is not quite perfected yet.

  5. I’m an animal lover so this photo made me smile. The title, however, made me laugh out loud!

  6. Awww…, that little calico is so charming…, she will have everyone curled around her little paw in no time.

    The Golden’s patience reminds me of our dog when I was a child. The World’s Best Kids’ Dog thought all kids were “hers.”

    A house is not a home without a dog and/or cat to complete a family.

  7. Great picture and as Nal said, an even better title! That pup does not look happy. I don’t think my Lab would sit still with a kitten on his back!

  8. nick:

    every living thing is alpha to a golden retriever. they are the most laid back, kindest animals on the planet. And long suffering because they never get all the love they want. They can make you feel guilty for only petting them for 20 minutes.

    If another person pets mine, he looks at me as if to say “why dont you do more of this?”

    They need to be in a house full of young children who want to play with them 24/7.

  9. NO surprise there since it is a Golden. They are the nicest and friendliest dogs. They had a TV program where a guy breaks into a home pretending to be a burglar, and the family Golden was at the kitchen window as he came it waiting to greet him with tail wagging and wanting to play. At the end, the burglar had put most everything in the van, and he asked the Golden if he wanted to come along. The dog hopped into the van and went with him.

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