13 thoughts on “His First Hot Dog”

  1. How I still miss our dear old English Mastiff, Demelza (Melly) who had to be put down at 13 because hips gave out. She was as gentle and tolerant with our grandchildren when they visited. Wonderful dogs!

  2. I’ve come back for a mental health treatment after reading about the Pakistani girl.

  3. itchinBayDog: Its the kids who like Armour Hot Dogs. Not the dogs. You made a word change in the song that the readers will be perplexed about. Plus you revealed our dogpac rally song.

  4. [music] Hot Dogs! Armour Hot Dogs!
    What kind of dogs like Armour Hot Dogs?
    Fat dogs, skinny dogs, dogs who climb on rocks..
    Slack dogs, miny dogs, even dogs with chicken pox, like hot dogs..
    Armour Hot Dogs,..
    The Dogs Kids Like, To Bite!

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