14 thoughts on “Not A Water Dog”

  1. For: itchinBayDog

    Not a lab. The hind quarters, thin body, lack of a tail, and the fact that there are black and tan fur colors indicate maybe a doberman variety with natural ears, or a similar dog with a pedigree for considerably thinner bodies than a lab.

    Lab tails are not docked, their bodies are thicker, rounder, and their back hips and all four legs are chunkier than the one shown. Regardless of fur color, the Labrador retrievers tend to have thick bodies with thick fur that protects them from the cold when they’re in water during fall bird hunting season.

  2. It took him 3 weeks to get his smell just right, and now it’s owner wants to wash it off him? Oh the DOGMANITY !! ….. in a BUBBLE BATH !!

  3. A dog who swims will have web feet. Lift the paw, examine the skin between the toes. If there is skin between the dog toes as the toes are opened up for viewing then you have a water dog. If not, the dog might sink if he goes overboard.

    This dog looks like a Labrador. They are swimming dogs, water dogs. Possibly he had a bad experience in the bath tub and it might have to do with the soap. Go to DogsRus and get some good doggie wash.

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