China Air — You Pack’Em, We Smack’Em

 A passenger reportedly on a China Air flight looked out and got a rare glimpse into the attitude of Chinese freight handlers.  What is remarkable is that this guy was averaging less than a 30 percent hit ratio — often throwing three boxes without any making it on the conveyor belt at Guangzhou Airport.

This makes “United Breaks Guitars” look tame in comparison.

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  1. Baggage Handler: “Don’t worry, it’s only endangered animal parts inside. Plenty more where that comes from.”

  2. This video would be great in a Uniform Commercial Code Class. It reminds me of lectures on the definition of “Free On Board” from many moons ago.

  3. Now this is funny…. Well not really…. A summer job I had was with Flying Tigers Freight….. Seems like a homecoming of sort…..

    But today as I tell folks… Your luggage I going to have just a bad of a day as the baggage handler….. So don’t upset atilla the gate Hun…. They have final say whether you or your bag gets on the plane….

  4. “The “Vigilant Cardboard” program is fully legal under the secret “Because Terrorism” law.”

    Sling T., that’s how they “Protect and Serve”. Chinese first responders.

  5. Lets just hope the safety inspectors or mechanics aren’t as cavalier.

  6. Sling, “The “Vigilant Cardboard” program is fully legal under the secret “Because Terrorism” law?”

    I like your style :-).

  7. I am always amazed when I watching the baggage handlers put my bag on the ramp or the belt upside down. It appears that they are taught to put it on the soft side of the suitcase, instead of the hard and more protected side of the bag.

  8. I had to do a lot of soul-searching before I decided to make this comment.

    My first comment was just a bit frivolous – although there was a solid logic to it.

    In making this new comment I fully realise that I will be branded a traitor and heavily penalised. I think that this is the price to be paid in defence of the general public’s right to know what is being done in their name.

    Throwing the parcels is in fact standard procedure under the “Vigilant Cardboard” program.
    The aim (if you will) is to detect bombs that have unstable detonators – before the aircraft takes off.
    Many people already know or suspect this truth, but I think that everyone has to know. All the put-bombs-on-planes people already know. I can’t see that my revealing the program will endanger security.

    The “Vigilant Cardboard” program is fully legal under the secret “Because Terrorism” law.

    You don’t like that your delicate porcelain or whatever might get negatively impacted by this? You care more about your cheapo dinner set than you do about countless innocent lies?
    Just you wait until the next terrorist outrage! Then we’ll see if you can justify your whining.

  9. Michael, I’m guessing that’s a govt. worker so probably the People’s Republic airline.

  10. More people ought to take more photos of all sorts of human activities and post them on the web.

  11. Which Chinese airlines? Taiwan (China Air) or the People’s Republic (CAAC)?

  12. It’s very simple and efficient from his point of view.
    He would wear himself and his shoes out walking back and forth on the trailer. It’s not a short distance – then walk x2 multiplied by (total number of boxes divided by… four-max-at-a-carry ).
    He’s hot. You see him stop to wipe perspiration – in between texting and calls. I’m not sure how many boxes were on the trailer to begin with.

    By throwing, he ends up with a pile of boxes conveniently located for placing on the conveyor belt – which we see at the end of the video
    Any boxes that get on the belt during the throwing phase are merely a bonus.
    It’s easier on the back to lift boxes up onto the conveyor rather than bend down to place a box on the conveyor. This guy is concious of health and safety

    He could avoid the throwing by simply spinning the trailer- as we see the other guy do at the end – to get the box-pile closer but that’s not his job apparently.

    Also his brother has a factory that makes really strong shipping boxes. “Buy from Ip if you want it to ship”.

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