Can You Guess The Weapon Of Choice?

spear-man-600 Jeffrey Allen Jones, 56, is clearly not going for that “this is actually quite fun” mugshot that we saw earlier.

If you guessed spear, you win this week’s “guess a weapon” competition.

Jones was arrested after allegedly throwing a spear at a passing car. The spear stuck in the vehicle’s front fender.

He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. They might want a psychological test before proceeding to trial on this one.

Source: Philly

28 thoughts on “Can You Guess The Weapon Of Choice?”

  1. Blessed are the poor with spears, for theirs is the kindom of jail with bed and three meals a day.

  2. If you had a chance at do-overs who would you vote for prez out of this group, the Clintons, Bushes, Obama & their minions or this guy in the picture above with some honest advisors around him?

    Ya, I’d trust the guy in the picture over any of that other American hating trash Nazis.

    Since he’s unlikely to get that job I found him another great job working for the fascist, globalist bankster cabal.

    Thursday Humor: Help Wanted At The Fed
    Tyler Durden’s picture
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/20/2013 13:18 -0400

  3. The dood taking the mugshot realized it would be very difficult for him to smile, so she said YAWN!

    The poor, tired, homeless man who had been driven into …. did so.

  4. Wow. That has to be one of the ugliest mugshots in the history of mugshots! He should be put in jail just to get cleaned up.

  5. “Mugshot Makeovers.”?
    How about “I’m a very small person. Get me out of here.”

  6. There is an unsolved murder in Chicago[last I checked] from several years ago where a homeless man was murdered on Lower Wacker Drive by an arrow. I would question Mr. Jones on that case. Thankfully, for all us non racist, this gentleman is not black.

  7. I think you’ve missed something,

    Jones actually has a fairly normal expression on his face for the mug shot.
    The big hairy thing is not Jones. That’s just an avatar that he controls from inside.

    Look closely at the photo again.
    Inside the mouth.
    See? A pair of eyes, a nose and a white moustache/beard.
    That’s Jones – inside – looking out.

    Either that or he is trying to confess to having swallowed a small person.

  8. This is your brain on meth campaign right…..see maw…. No teeth….

  9. A case in New Zealand probably had a similar mugshot:

    A terrified burglar has handed himself to police in New Zealand after breaking into a house and stumbling across a body hanging in the dark.

    (BBC). The NZ prosecutor did not charge the burglar.

    Chock-full-o-nuts, the spear-chucker guy, should explain the mystery: “It was not clear why Jones threw the spear.”

  10. I see no issue with hunting cars with a spear so long as he’s going to eat the car and not simply put its hood ornament on the wall as a trophy.

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