The Fantastic Feinstein: How To Make Privacy Disappear While Appearing To Defend It

225px-dianne_feinstein_official_senate_photoimages>Civil libertarians have long viewed Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.,CA) as a menace to privacy and civil liberties in her role on the  Senate Intelligence Committee. She has worked to blocked investigation of torture while supporting warrantless surveillance of our own citizens. Recently, many Californians became aware of her role in seeking ever-expanding powers for the security state. Feinstein desperately tried to get citizens to embrace a new model of privacy that allows for their continual surveillance in the latest scandals under her tenure. That has not worked particularly well so now Feinstein is taking a new approach: she is proclaiming her concern over the dangers of privacy posed by . . . drones. That’s right. Like the street magicians distracting an audience, Feinstein is trying to get citizens to focus on the use of drones for surveillance and promising some form of “regulation” in the future. The obvious intent behind yesterday’s carefully constructed scene was to present Feinstein in the light of a fighter for, rather than an attacker of, privacy rights.

FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged the law enforcement agency uses drone aircraft in the United States for surveillance in some cases.

Feinstein jumped at the opportunity to declare “I think the greatest threat to the privacy of Americans is the drone and the use of the drone, and the very few regulations that are on it today and the booming industry of commercial drones.” The point is obvious. The collection of every call made by every American is not really a big deal in turns of privacy. It is also not a concern to grab hundreds of millions of emails and attachments. No, it is the limited number of drone cases that is “the greatest threat to the privacy of Americans.” Of course, using drones to vaporize Americans without a charge or judicial review does not appear to bother Feinstein greatly.

Feinstein appears to be taken advice from street magicians:

Physical misdirection is a well-known tool for the magician: he points at an object, a big gesture distracts, spectators fixate on a suddenly appearing dove. All are designed to distract from another movement that is vital for the trick.

Psychological misdirection is much more subtle – a good example is the false solution. This is where the magician leads spectators to believe they’ve worked out how the trick is done. Once this ‘solution’ is suggested people are much less likely to notice the clues that crop up as to how it’s really done. Instead people look for confirmation that their own theory is correct. When the magician finally shows this ‘solution’ is no such thing, spectators are left even more bemused. The false solution is, therefore, not just a happy coincidence, it is used as a distraction from the real solution.

Of course, Feinstein and the White House never intend to reveal the trick. With few people buying the new privacy model, Feinstein wants to get people to look at a problem that will then be “solved” by her. . . And presto, your privacy is gone.

I hear that her next trick will be to saw the Separation of Powers in half by further supporting the unchecked powers of the President.

Of course, Obama, Feinstein, and others in Congress live by the same oath when it comes to telling the public anything:

“As a magician I promise never to reveal the secret of any illusion to a non-magician, unless that one swears to uphold the Magician’s Oath in turn. I promise never to perform any illusion for any non-magician without first practicing the effect until I can perform it well enough to maintain the illusion of magic.”

This is why an oath to testify truthfully is not binding on people like Clapper and not enforced by people like Feinstein. They are honoring an older oath to each other.

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  1. laserhaas:

    either way works. if we get the movement going we can force him to run or seek political office. 🙂

  2. U always were a total ahole diane f-u-stein traitots are hung and u r a stain on everything our founders stood for just another thoughtless shemale go along to get along stupid gun toting freedom robbing piece of pure politition shit. U and all like u should be gotten rid of at any and all costs to try to save what was once a fine country with leaders in industry and DC that cared enough to maintain and foll the true course and not ever repeat what caused people to come running from england. Rotten power hungry evil thoughtless P.O.S. That have no sence of history blinded by money and PERSONEL gain. There is no end to what evil lies and mahem this sick group now running things will do to all of the good patriotic citizens of this country. This is turning into a bad dream or some movie we all thought was impossible it makes us all want to do something we r just not sure yet. Steve chase

  3. BRon – “Vegan – YUK>>>>>

    As for voting for Gene H – I’m with you

    Let’s DRAFT him and start a movement
    (er – or is that reversed)!

  4. rafflaw:

    we have to remove politicians from politics.

    I would vote for you over Jeb Bush or even Marco Rubio even if you are a lib. We need honest men and women from all walks of life to start running for office, to stay for a couple of terms and go back to their lives.

    H3ll at this point I would vote for Gene H. 🙂

  5. laserhaas1, June 20, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    wOW – Gene H;

    Turn us into animals (of a different kind)

    and here I thought we were just being herded toward “Soylent Green”


    nah, those sons of b*tches would have us eating vegan.

  6. I don’t live in her state, but I intend to do everything I can to get her out next time around.
    Donate to her opponent, telephone, fly out & do door to door,etc etc

    Whatever I have to….

  7. Ignore the women behind the curtain! I smell a rat caused by money in politics. We have to remove the money out of politics to have a chance of getting cleaner politicians. It is time for Feinstein to find another occupation that is not paid for by the taxpayers.

  8. wOW – Gene H;

    Turn us into animals (of a different kind)

    and here I thought we were just being herded toward “Soylent Green”

  9. Wait a minute… Is the new slogan of the democrats …. You have right? What rights?

  10. As an aside, I have a lovely steel engraved print of that painting of Circe hanging on the wall of my office. A reminder of one of the great cautionary tales in literature. Just because something is attractive, be it a person, a proposition, or even a minor goddess, it doesn’t mean there isn’t someone waiting for their chance to turn you (and/or your men) in to animals. Since animals are treated as chattel at law, let that be a lesson to you.

  11. In 2007 – Senator Feinstein pledge to help seek justice in our eToys case (California based). Then, the perversion of our federal system of justice transpired where career Assistant U.S. Attorney’s were threatened

    She even sent this letter to AG Mukasey

    Thereafter – something bizarre occurred!

    No answer issues of the letter were ever acknowledged, the Senator changed her email address and has blocked any of my other attempts to get resolution in the case.

    It is as if – she became something else!

  12. Be careful…. Isn’t the Senate Intelligence Committee an oxymoron….. We know they Are all morons…. But that’s besides the point….

    I always liked the song Smoke in the Water….. But these coke and mirror things are blinding them by the light….

  13. This woman’s career was built on the murder of Harvey Milk, and boy has she milked that dry! We got the Twinkie Defense and Diane Feinstein from that tragedy.

  14. The Dog God would forbid it. That know it all itchBay from NY moves to California and fronts herself off as some libertarian. She took over Frisco when gay guy mayor got killed and made a mess of it. She did not know that cable cars rolled down hills and needed traction to go up hills.

  15. Democrats expect democrats to defend civil liberties but in fact they don’t. Then we are left begging Republicans to defend civil liberties.

  16. “Never mind Godzilla . . . look! There’s a giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building!” – Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-CA)

    WRONG! We the People are concerned about both monsters equally. Try again, Senator. Or better yet, retire since looking out for the common good is apparently beyond your grasp.

  17. BArkinDog: Impeach her and/or don’t vote for her next time around but don’t call her a itchBay. She is not a female dog. God forbid.

  18. In other news on Feinstein who is 80 and well set financially with about net assets of 100 million, she and hubby are buying up closed Post Offices.
    When are you Californians going to get rid of this itchBay?

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