15 thoughts on “I Trusted You”

  1. pete,

    Good idea. Walter Huston is out because even the most coordinated dog would have problems pulling off the “Crazy Old Prospector Dance” (knees bend the wrong way) and if you went with Walter Bishop, the dog would be making its own LSD and self-medicating all the time. Although if you went with Walter Pidgeon, the dog could have Altairan enhanced intelligence, a nifty robot henchman and a daughter that looks like Anne Francis. Oh. Wait. The common them was “Brennan”. Never mind.

  2. I think you should name your new pup Brennan after William Brennan. We need another Brennan!

  3. i want to adopt that Cavalier but I already have two pups, and I am moving.

  4. My old man had “the look.” Nothing ever had to be said if you got “the look,” It’s an Italian thing. The best example I can think of in our culture was Joe Torre. When you saw him give “the look” to player they knew they f@cked up, nothing needed to be said. My kids have told me they understood “the look” from me. However, it wasn’t cute like these two adorable creatures.

  5. I now have two names on the Turley blog, it is not intentional, it is Ineptitudatlional. ….. funny I thought I spelled that word right..

  6. Natural Human Evolutionary Dog Selection.
    I suppose one could make an argument for intelligent design for the evolution of dogs over the last 10,000 years. Of course that assumes Humans use their intelligence when discerning positive qualities in dogs.
    I have seen the winners of the Most Ugly Dog contests. WTF !!

  7. Sasha is up the street and she is in heat. You wanted out on your own to go see her and see what develops. Then there are the chicken pieces in the fridge just biden their time for the dog bowl. Animal Planet is on television at this hour but the TV is off. The dog pool is just outside and is a much pleasanter place for a bath. But nooooo! Jackomo has decided to bathe me in some sink with dish soap, not my favorite doggie shampoo and I am still horny, still hungry, angling for whats on Animal Planet and don’t like dish soap or being washed in the sink for God’s sake. So, yeah, as a dog, I can relate to that photo.

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