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  1. robinh, I remember vividly all the dogs I’ve had since my youth, and just how hard it is to put them down. My old man made the decisions and they were always righteous w/ the dog in mind, not anyone or anything else. Since I got married, it’s been my call, and always pray I have my old man’s wisdom.

  2. i was raised with a german shepherd named sabboo sab-boo he was the greatest and smartest dog we ever had and we had a few my brother used to ride sabboo like a horse it was to funny. sad was the day we had to put him down. i was 13 . sabboo would let you in the house but once inside that was it. he would go from room to room counting heads. and if a head turned up missing he would first check the whole house. next he went to the window and would start barking if we didnt let him out into the yard and he would go sit by the gate and wait and when the missing head turned up again. boy did they get barked at!!! for a good few minutes then put on punishment by sabboo. there are no dogs like german shepherds i love all dogs and must admit i now want a copy of Mr Turleys puppy. but if i have a choice german shepherd it is…

  3. OS I am a dog person, but have cats primarily because I don’t have a fenced in yard. I grew up with Gordon setters and you needed that nice sized fenced in area for them to romp and get all their setterness need to run out of them (until they revved themselves up again.)
    Nick, There is nothing like the sproting breeds, labs, retrievers and setters. All 3 are just lovey doveys.

  4. And to echo Nal’s statement, we expect there will be frolicking puppy pictures forthcoming. It’s not as if you don’t have a young budding photographer in the family, JT.

  5. I am a dog person. Or as they are referred to elsewhere in the blogosphere, Woozles. My first dog was a beagle. They are smart and loyal, and are easily trained. We also had a brindle colored mongrel we called, “Pooch.” He would sleep on his back next to the stove and snore, all four legs pointed straight up. If it weren’t for the snoring, one might have thought he was dead.

    FYI, cats are Pooties. Those names got started on Daily Kos when a couple of regular diarists beloved pets crossed the Rainbow Bridge. One was a cat named Pootie, and the other a dog names Woozle. The owners wrote about them, and the iconic names stuck.

    I had several Cocker Spaniels. Great dogs, but they bark at everything. All night long sometimes.

    My favorite dog was a German Shepherd we named Trooper. We got him as a puppy from a reputable breeder. Great blood line, and the original Rin Tin Tin was in his pedigree many generations back. Trooper had enormous feet and ears, and we were pessimistic that he would ever grow into those feet and ears. But even as a puppy , he would strike that ‘alert’ pose German Shepherds are known for. He was seriously cute as a puppy, but as he grew, he did not realize he was no longer a puppy. When I would sit down in the recliner, he would come and climb up on my lap. Ever try to watch TV with a 90-pound German Shepherd in your lap wanting belly scritchies and slurping your face?

    German Shepherd’s are known to have hip problems. As he grew older, he developed arthritis so bad he would cry when he had to get up and walk. We had to have him put down at age eight. I would really like to have another German Shepherd, but don’t have a fenced yard where we live now, and one simply cannot have one of this breed without a fenced area for them.

  6. We had a golden retriever for 14 years. He was the neighborhood dog. Every kid knew Kozmo and would play w/ him in the yard. You could put a stick in the big boy’s eye, and he wouldn’t bite. There are many great breeds, but it’s tough to beat a golden retriever.

  7. Prayers to Dog are unnecessary. What you need has been known, and you will be showered with it, at their birth.

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