It was not that long ago that we passed the 16,000,000 view mark but we have now done one million better, according to WordPress. Congratulations everyone.

These milestones allow us to take stock of the blog community. We continue to rank in the ten top most popular legal blogs in the world, though we commonly fluctuate between the 9th and 11th ranked blog.

In the last seven days, our ten biggest international sources for readers came from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Finland, Ireland, and South Africa.

I wanted to thank our weekend bloggers: David Drumm, Mark Esposito, Gene Howington, Michael Spindell, Eliane Magliaro, Mike Appleton, Larry Rafferty, Charlton Stanley and our newest weekend blogger, Darren Smith. I wanted to particularly thank our contributors. In the last 24 hours, the most active commentators were (starting with the highest appearance) were Dredd, Elaine M, Randyjet, Nick Spinelli, Bettykath, Lottakatz, and Anonymously Yours.

Thanks again to everyone.

25 thoughts on “17,000,000

  1. Congratulations Professor! Another milestone with many more to come!
    Thank you again for the privilege of guest blogging.

  2. Well hopefully the quality of the comments helps to keep folks coming back too. Congrats to all and thanks for the forum.

  3. Watched/listened to Prof. Turley on NPR today in regards to the Trayvon Martin case and verdict. Great job. And great job with this blog as well. I found the recent comments to a soldier’s letter before suicide very interesting and some of them were very powerful! Cheers!

  4. “but we have now done one million better, according to WordPress”

    does that include the ones wordpress ate? :)

  5. Thanks to everyone who participates here and keeps it civil. We have our trolls and disagreements from time to time, but on the whole, the level of discourse is so far above other sites, there is not any comparison. One thing that stands out is the quality and variety of the stories. For a law blog, the human interest stories keep this place vibrant.

    I appreciate being invited to sit at the table with such distinguished company.

  6. It’s is an honor to be part of something so successful which provides a platform untainted by group-think.

  7. Mike S.,

    That’s why I like this site… So long as we are basically civil…. Anything goes….. Even DavidM has opened my eyes ….. That there are still highly functioning willfully ignorant people out there….

  8. Would saying “What raff, Randy, Mike and OS said” be considered group-think?

    It’s a conundrum.

    Good job everyone. These milestones keep on clicking by. Surely world domination will arrive soon at this pace.

  9. you may have lost some ignorant people due to Zimmerman, But you are gaining in others who want an unbiased & extremely well informed view. I am constantly re tweeting blogs from you and your guest bloggers. I am starting to read more again. I am still disgusted with Obama and our government overall. and too much of our current justice system is a disgrace. you keep us informed as to what is really going on. that indeed is a priceless service. kindly keep us updated on your new puppy. she will never take Molly’s place in your hearts but no doubt she will forge one of her own.

  10. Kudos Mr. Turley, guest bloggers and all commenters. We lost a regular, Idealist, since the last milestone. But, life is beautiful and life goes on.

  11. I certainly hope so Gene H. Then we can make Prof Turley a Supreme Court justice, hopefully Chief Justice so he can bring Luna to work with him.

  12. Congratulations Professor Turley, guest bloggers & commentators for making this a great website.

    And thanks even to Nazis like Gene H😉

    I’m joking Gene, loosen up, throw that tie in the trash & show some chest hair, life’s to short. LOL

    I enjoy pounding the table some times, sorry.


    re: The case where 3 fools met, Martin/Zimmerman & Obama’s use of it for riots & insurrection to destroy the intent of the constitution & it’s Bill of Rights..

    Please call your local reps, congress/senate reps & ask them to go public & demand Obama call off his Astroturf criminal riots.

    Another thing, often it seems we never see progress on issues important to us, well some of these issues take a very long time to be corrected.

    Below is a small victory for some of us that is growing into a large victory, the shut down of all of the unsafe/uneconomical Nuke Plants.


  13. Gene note all the bread & circus in the media w/the 3 fools case/Martin/Zimmerman/Obama & then all of the much more important issue that the Old big media & the polecats are attempting to ignore.

    Zerohedge & their posters tag themselves as a fight club.

    Also they have a scroll log of many of the more important issues effecting us & the world.


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