Oregon Man Killed 5-Year-Old Girl and Wounds Another After Allegedly Using Assault Weapon As A Crutch

article-2362493-1ACA4CE0000005DC-929_306x423article-2362493-1ACA4D04000005DC-528_306x423Jon Andrew Meyer Jr. could be the poster boy for gun control. Meyer is responsible for shooting a little girl with an assault rifle. His defense? He was using the assault rifle as a crutch when it released a burst of fire into the ceiling and killed 5-year-old Alysa Bobbitt of Shady Cove and wounded apartment resident Karen Hancock.

The “lead bouncer” insists that he was never told that the weapon was a fully automatic assault rifle when he decided to use it as a crutch in his apartment. The victims were upstairs.

While his fiancée, Victoria Kohout, describes him as a “big teddy bear, she previously secured a restraining order and kicked him out of her apartment. The petition described him as an “unpredictable drug addict” and said that he threatened her with a gun as well as threatening to burn down her house and trash her car. That seems like a pretty scary teddy bear.

He is charged with manslaughter, assault and unlawful possession of a machine gun. It is hard to see how the claim of lack of knowledge of the automatic capability of the weapon will fly in a courtroom. Everyone can claim such a lack of knowledge, but this weapon was in his possession for a while and he is presumed to know its capabilities. Methinks a plea may be in order because he is still in need for a serious crutch to lean on.

Source: Daily Mail

35 thoughts on “Oregon Man Killed 5-Year-Old Girl and Wounds Another After Allegedly Using Assault Weapon As A Crutch”

  1. Bron,

    Fair enough, but it wasn’t as if I was limiting menu options. Just playing to probability. Besides, I think Rod Taylor would be tough and stringy in comparison to Yvette Mimieux. If you’re going to be a cannibal, you should do it right.

  2. I think he was screwing around and it went off.

    What kind of an idiot uses a weapon as a crutch in a residential apartment building in a peaceful area?

  3. Allysa J:

    how do you shoot into the ceiling using it as a crutch without hurting your hand? I would believed it if he shot into the floor.

    Was he getting of the couch? Was he walking?

  4. jmquinn and darren, I understand that his story sounds crazy and is hard to believe. But, what’s the alternative? Reading the story, there’s no indication of any possible motive for intentionally firing the rifle. If it wasn’t an accident when he used it as a crutch, then I’d think it was an accident in some other manner. I’d think an inspection of the rifle would discover whether his story of using it as a crutch is physically capable of causing the gun to fire.

  5. If this guy’s story is to be believed, he has an automatic rifle, he keeps it loaded, he keeps the safety off, the rifle’s trigger mechanism has been modified and is broken such that some relatively small jarring causes it to fire, and the guy is using it as a crutch in an apartment building. Un-effing-believable! Sadly, there must be thousands of other idiots out there with guns who are a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

  6. I don’t believe him either. It seems like the old “I was cleaning the gun when it sudenly went off” excuse.

  7. DisgustedonEastBroadway,

    You’re just looking for an excuse to try to eat Yvette Mimieux. 😉

  8. This guy should get consecutive years sentences to make sure he never is free to be on our streets again. I am only surprised that the NRA is not coming to his defense now. I am sure that they will once they learn of this.

  9. We need to start moving underground, like the ‘Morlocks’… it’s too dangerous on the surface……..

  10. In an apartment, you’re always at the mercy of those who live to your left and right, above and below……..but then, is there any place left for our children to feel safe any more?

  11. Those who have bent over backwards to molly-coddle and re-cycle this disgusting monster – enabling “IT” to victimize innocent babies – are responsible for this horrible outcome and I’m all for holding them all criminally responsible too.

  12. I say… turn it around on him… Use his weapon as his ‘suppository’…. and blow his brains away!!!! The miniscule amount he possesses…… I know, I know….. I’m advocating violence again….and, I’m sorry, but isn’t all of this very tiring????? I believe, the rapid use of the death penalty… in cases like this…. will only serve to speed up Evolution….

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