Highway Robbery: Russian Man Arrested For Stealing Road

220px-Kaluga_Region_TrassaI guess some jurisdictional questions are easier than others. Prosecutors often look at whether an interstate road was used in a crime, but what is the crime is the interstate road? It may sound like a Yakov Smirnoff skit (“In Russia, you don’t steal away on the road, the road . . . “) but in Syktyvkar, Russia a man was arrested for stealing 82 reinforced concrete slabs that made up a road outside of a city.

This guy actually used heavy machinery to lift the slabs and load them on three trucks. They are worth just $6,100 but it appeared to be better than the alternative.

By the way, stealing a road will only get you a maximum sentence of two years in Russia. He is likely to spend less time than what you get for protesting Putin’s policies in a church.

8 thoughts on “Highway Robbery: Russian Man Arrested For Stealing Road”

  1. Anonymously Yours 1, August 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Well he will have good company I’m sure… The Riot Pushys…..
    Close enough for a cigar.

    The Riot Reverened Pussy Right …

  2. nick spinelli

    We be hatin’ on Russia today!


    Today and then some … it’s the Snowden propaganda machine gearing up to grind

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