11 thoughts on “Humans Look So Weird This Way”

  1. nick

    i had a dobie once that i had to give her doggie downers too, and like you after the first dose she only got half a pill.
    watching her trying to eat a treat on a full dose was just sad.

  2. ap,

    Yeah. I saw that earlier.

    It’s rare that I actually want to harm a human being.

    That was a rarity.

  3. Thanks. Must have been a golden retriever who got my comment out of the bushes.

  4. We had a dog back in the 80’s named, Zeke. He got very agitated in the car. Short trips were ok, but long ones were really tough. We had a 10 hour ride so our vet gave us some doggie downers for Zeke. After a couple hours on the road we let Zeke out to pee. he took a couple steps, rolled onto the ground, and kept moving his feet, as if walking, as he laid on his side. It was both funny and sad, not necessarily in that order. We righted the boy and he staggered around to pee. We cut the dosage in half after that.

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