Removing Oneself From The Gene Pool: Virginia Man Shoots Himself In Groin After Allegedly Jumping Out Of Car To Threaten People Asking Him To Slow Down

tape3_MEDIt is hard not to see this as a crime with a happy ending. Witnesses say that Rhonney Jacobs, 43, was speeding through a neighborhood in Norfolk when bystanders yelled for him to slow down out of concern for children on the street. Jacobs allegedly made a U-turn and jumped out with a gun to confronted those asking him to slow down. However, when he pulled out the gun, it apparently misfired — wounding him into his groin.

Jacobs shot himself with a .45-caliber gun in front of children playing on the street.

Jacobs was charged with discharging a firearm and brandishing a firearm.

While this injury may not keep Jacobs out of the gene pool, perhaps his car insurance company will balk on keeping him on the road. I am not sure why the police did not add charges related to reckless driving and road rage.

Fairfax just arrested a man in May for a road rage incident where the driver followed another driver into a parking lot and assaulted him. The victim died later at home. As in the Jacobs case, the attack occurred outside of their cars and on a public street. Virginia DMV warns of aggressive driving as a crime in the state: “Aggressive driving is driving behavior that endangers or is likely to endanger people or property. However, road rage is a criminal offense that occurs when a traffic incident escalates into a far more serious situation. For example, a person may become so angry over an aggressive driving incident that he or she overreacts and retaliates with some type of violence.”

Likewise, one report has Jacobs struggling with another man before shooting himself in the leg. It is not clear why assault and battery is not also charged if that is true.

21 thoughts on “Removing Oneself From The Gene Pool: Virginia Man Shoots Himself In Groin After Allegedly Jumping Out Of Car To Threaten People Asking Him To Slow Down”

  1. I hope DavidM posts on this thread…..

    God did what was supposed to happen….


    No hatin on Barney…. But… I couldn’t help it….

  2. Gene, I LOVE Barney. But I love him even though he was….well, Barney! And, you are correct about the bullet.

  3. leejcaroll
    1, August 8, 2013 at 10:49 am

    Karma’s a B*tch



  4. Hell if Angela Corey were there she would have charged him with racially profiling the children and he would have got off. Florida and Texas is the place for these highjinks. See, in Texas shooting yourself is not a crime. If Florida it is not a crime either and if you take someone else down and you are the only witness, you can say whatever you want and off you go, by the way to Texas with a gun in your glove compartment.

  5. Gun didn’t misfire; it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Stopped a life-endangering threat. Case closed.

  6. Seems the shirt pocket came later.

    Folks, ever wonder why you have shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, and side holsters but not crotch holsters? Now, you know.

  7. What’s with all the Barney hatin’?

    Besides, Dep. Fife carried a .38 S&W.

  8. Crotch shot with a .45 after menacing people with a gun.

    Worthy of a Darwin Award.

  9. nick,

    To be fair to ol’ Barn, he’d have had a helluva time shooting himself in the crotch with his lone bullet in his front shirt pocket.

  10. BigFat, I agree. And a pity the weapon was not of the fully automatic variety.

  11. There ya go. Just goes to show sometimes firearms really do serve a useful purpose.

  12. Paul Carlson…. I imagine it’ll be a while till this guy is able to stand ‘His’ ground….. ;-O Too bad this didn’t happen to Zimmerman!

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