Shipwreck Throws Man, Wife and Dog Into Sea . . . Man Rescues Dog And Then Wife

439432-man-saves-dog-from-shipwreckThe only thing more surprising that the survival of Graham and Sheryl Anley in their shipwreck this week in South Africa is the survival of their marriage. According to this report, with their ship sinking, Graham spotted his wife caught on wreckage of the sinking ship and their dog. He rescued his dog Rosie, brought her to the shore, and then came back for his wife. I guess a really good sea dog is hard to find.

The couple’s ship was carried on to the reef in dangerous waters on the Transkei coast. The couple and the dog were all wearing life vests. Graham sent a Mayday and activated the EPIRB (Global Positioning Distress beacon) before they had to abandon ship. He then rescued Rosie as his wife struggled with a safety line snagged on the steering gear. After Rosie was safe and sound, he returned for his wife.

Fortunately for all of them, Graham is also a sea rescue volunteer and, to the surprise of many, he remains a married man.

Source: Herald Sun

14 thoughts on “Shipwreck Throws Man, Wife and Dog Into Sea . . . Man Rescues Dog And Then Wife”

  1. It comes down to the question of who treats him better and more lovingly. No brainer.

  2. Sorry, but I’d rescue the dog first as well. The wife probably knows how to swim or float, but a small dog like that probably wouldn’t last long.

  3. To get out of this “pickle” the husband will probably say “the dog would
    save my life, you wouldn’t.” Does that work for you?

  4. W=^..^~

    It was your turn to provide the laugh this morning. 😀


  5. I am convinced the husband met his wife by placing the following Personal Ad:

    Wanted: A good loving woman 21-30 years old who likes the outdoors, dogs, fishing and has her own boat and motor. Please send picture of boat and motor.

  6. One learns a lot about people when you investigate their motivations for doing what they do. One of the most fundamental rules is, people do what is most important to them. It may seem illogical, stupid, silly, depraved, etc. But, it is what is most important to them, and it is often fascinating.

  7. She probably does a mean wifey paddle. the dog may be a bad swimmer.

    …..He may be getting the “wifey paddle” for the next two months!!! :o)

  8. When he arrives home at the end of the day, who do you think is more excited to see him – Rosie or his wife? I read about a man who would arrive home after being away on a long business trip to see his little dog looking out the upstairs window. When he walked in the door, there was his pup, jumping and dancing, barking! So excited to see him! It wasn’t his wife or his children. Just man’s best friend! And he said his wife complains that he likes the dog better than her…;-)

  9. Lets just imagine if Graham’s in Alaska on his next planned adventure, a Moose hunt.
    Which one does he need to bring with him to give their life saving him from an attacking Grizzly???
    Has Graham been wanting a profitable Divorce???
    Just maybe???? she can save the boat???

    I think there may be more to this…………..

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