18 thoughts on “Brother Can You Spare A Nut?”

  1. If he is a prairie dog, you should see the great community of them as you drive into Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

  2. LOL

    Nick – you are in need of “serious” help…..

    I’m just sayin……..

    where’s that mind of yours a-playin…….

  3. give him a nut and you feed him today, but teach him to… wait a sec, this isn’t going right.

  4. You should see what they can do to a golf bag with an open snack in it. the little thieves

  5. @ Evelyn 8/9 at 9:44 am Thanks for posting that link. I’m just blown away by how they are applying digital technology to research methodology involved in scientifically documenting language structure in another species.

  6. They look more like chipmunks, but they are cute little guys. Unless they are digging holes in your yard!

  7. people out west shoot those dogs [I am assuming Prairie Dog] for “fun”?

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