Iowa Officer Beats Woman Because She Appeared “Willing To Fight” . . . Police Chief Refuses To Fire Him And Says Such Things Just “Happen From Time To Time.”

s-QUAD-CITIES-POLICE-OFFICER-SHOPLIFTER-largeDavenport police are facing an outcry over the treatment of an alleged shoplifter, Brandie Redell, in custody after a videotape surfaced showing clear contradictions with what the officer stated in his report. The report states that Redell was the aggressor and the officer her victim despite serious injuries to Redell that required medical treatment. Officer Scott Crow hit Redell repeatedly because he says that the woman appeared to be “willing to fight.” It is not clear what that means but the video shows the woman seated when Crow hits her and throws her to the ground.

Crow says that Redell swore at him and “Brandies hands were clenched” and she “appeared willing to fight.” That is clearly not enough to justify such an assault. She is shown upset and agitated but sitting in the chair and crying. That is when Crow lunges at her.

Crow says that he used “two quick jabs to the side of her head”, another “closed fist strike to the side of her head to distract and disorientate” after she bit him. When that did not work, he says that he “directed her head into the back of the chair, “then decided to try some distraction strikes to the back of her head.”

751204924027498Despite the contradictions found in the video and what he describes as excessive force, Davenport Police Chief Frank Donchez has refused to fire the officer. Instead, he respond “Let me ask you this, in every case of excessive force, should the officer be fired?” Many people would of course say yes, but that is not the answer Donchez is looking for. In the meantime, the County Attorney has declined to bring charges against the officer.

Donchez not only does not appear to view excessive force as a firing offense but what appears to be false statements written in a police report and during an investigation. He is quoted as saying “I’m not making excuses for the officer that deviates from policy. I’m a realist. It’s going to happen from time to time.” Well, I can see why it would happen from time to time given the response from Donchez.

Source: WQAD

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  1. As I was grabbing the exact RFK quotation for my last column, I saw this:

    “ I thought they’d get one of us, but Jack, after all he’s been through, never worried about it. I thought it would be me.” -Robert Kennedy

  2. Comment from:

    “Editorial from the local rag:

    “Police should illuminate shoplifter’s allegation” (see link below)

    It’s not a shoplifter’s allegation that’s causing the stir. It’s a video and “after” photographs that speak for themselves . Probably, Redell was caught shoplifting, the police were summoned, and Redell said something the cop didn’t like. Then the cop brutally beat her.

    If the Quad City Times editorial board is representative of the citizens of Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline then the Quad Cities have the police department they deserve. I hope they’re not.”


    Here’s the Quad City Times editorial board’s piece:

    I’m reminded of Robert Kennedy’s words:

    “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”

  3. I would suggest they interview the women in his family and also keep an eye our for bruises. This sounds like a person who has an abuser’s mentality.

  4. this isnt going to end its only going to get worse since they are now hiring officers straight out of the military!!! the push to force us into a civil war will get harder and deeper as the time for them to try to force their one world government on us grows closer… not to mention i bet both of them are masons and not of the 33rd degree either. there is no way that thief i meant chief could say with a straight face these things happen from time to time…

    cant wait for the day those same things happens to a member of his family or friends and he receives the same response ” these things happen from time to time… let the bs begin. the only way to begin to put a end to all of this is to start hitting them in the pockets and get back to the days of buying mom and pop necessities. if only humanity would be willing to give up their toys. the lessons will soon begin to hit up at the top. ex. if the people begin removing their money from the banks. not all at once but all in due time. the minute that happens though i can guarantee they will pass a law making it illegal for you not to have a bank account. like they are tryng to pass the law making it illegal not to have a tracking device ex cell phone, credit/debit /metro card. etc the same way they set up their concerted effort to enslave the people is the same way to break them. stop suing the depts and begin suing the individiual cops involved. making them and not the tax payers responsible for atrocious actions like the above

  5. If you don’t like this kind of thing, then why in the world would you even CONSIDER voting for Hillary in 2016? Vote Green in 2016 , and end the Police State.

  6. Amazing story OS. I hope the judge gets the police department to dig deep into their pockets.

  7. NYPD officers beat a judge who tried to intervene when they were beating a homeless man in restraints. The judge is now suing for his injuries. Excerpt:

    “New York City police crushed the larynx of a Queens County Supreme Court judge with a karate chop and then conspired to cover up the attack, the judge claims in Federal Court……

    ….He claims police arrived and threatened many in the crowd who were filming the attack with cell phones. He says police threatened local shop owners not to provide security footage of the incident.
    An unknown officer “charged up” to the judge, shoved him and then “using a karate chop-like” hit him in the neck, Raffaele says in the complaint.
    He claims police refused to take an official statement from him that he had been attacked, and then tried to hide the unknown officer’s identity.
    The judge says he went to the hospital that night and was diagnosed with a crushed larynx….”

    Story here:

  8. This is what we get with the revolving door. Rogue agents circulating in the cesspool and coming to rest in the most accommodating cesspool to the individual’s personality.


    She is to be sentenced Aug. 23 in Scott County Court. Her criminal record includes two previous shoplifting convictions, records show.

    The BGA obtained a copy of the video from civil rights activist David Lowery. His suburban Chicago-based nonprofit, Living and Driving While Black Foundation, is advising Redell, who is white. Lowery, a former resident of the Quad Cities, didn’t want to say publicly how he obtained the video.

    The video shows that police misconduct affects people of all races, says Lowery, adding it can happen to anyone, in any town, not just urban centers like Chicago.

    “Hopefully, by disclosing this video, other officers will think twice before they do this to people,” he says.

    “The Better Government Association doesn’t usually shine a light on government in other states,” says BGA President & CEO Andy Shaw.

    “But it’s important to support whistleblowers like the Chicago activist who gave us the altercation video by taking their findings seriously, and – given Chicago’s sorry history – to demand that police officers who allegedly use excessive force on suspects be held accountable.”

  10. Hmmm, what if she had a concealed weapon, and had shot the officers while they had her down and were beating on her head? Would she have been justified through self-defense or SYG???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. In my opinion the officer should have been charged with assault. The second link I read to video claims the officer became upset with what the shoplifter said and then attacked her based upon her statemenet. This was before the biting and the initial attack by the officer lacked legal excuse or authority.

  12. Chief Donchez looking for bluer pastures:

    Donchez applies again for Cincinnati chief jobDonchez applies again for Cincinnati chief job

    “Although criteria for candidates was to have been the rank of captain or above in a city of 100,000, Davenport’s chief thinks the jump in size from his department to Cincinnati’s is hard to overcome. Davenport has more than 150 officers, and Cincinnati has more than 1,000.

    “Management and leadership principles are the same whether you are managing 25 people or 250 people,” Donchez said, “but jumps in that size don’t happen that often.”

    Still, sizing up the competition, he thinks he is capable.

    “No one can say they have reduced crime more than 40 percent like we have here in Davenport,” he said of his tenure. “They’ve got some issues there, but I think some of the principles we’ve applied to reduce crime would work there, too.””

  13. I have a theory….too… If the DA won’t bring charges…. How’s about the states attorney? If the states attorney won’t then how about a federal prosecutor to bring a 1983 complaint against the whole damn county for tolerating this stuff….

    OS… Some of the city of Arlington PD just got busted for steroid and trafficking…

  14. This may be the case:

    Sonny Thomas, age 50, sued Matthew Crenko, Matthew Lazur, David Strawn, William Kissner, Louis Csaszar and others on a civil rights theory, 42 U.S.C. 1983, claiming that the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania police officers used excessive force to arrest him after he stabbed a neighbor more than 80 times with a samurai sword and then setting the victim’s clothes on fire.

    Plaintiff claimed that it was not necessary for 10 officers to restrain him. He claimed that five officers held him while five hit him.

    Defendants denied wrongdoing.

    Outcome: Plaintiff’s verdict for $1.

  15. Iowa Officer has been poorly trained. His Superior is doing him no favor by dismissing his actions. The people deserve better!

  16. Recapping, briefly:

    So in his days before moving to Davenport, Iowa, Chief Donchez became the police commissioner (in Bethlehem, PA) “in the midst of a large federal lawsuit regarding alleged excessive use of force by officers.” He had “25 1/2 years with the Bethlehem (Pa.) Police Department, started as a patrol officer and retired in 2006 as commissioner.”

    (I wonder about the outcome of that lawsuit.)

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