Thrill Kill: Three Oklahoma Teens Arrested In Murder Of Australian Student

SuspectsOklaShootingOklahoma is reeling this week from a senseless killing of an Australian student, Christopher Lane, 22, by three teenagers who allegedly shot him simply because they were bored and wanted to kill someone for the “fun of it.” In Oklahoma for the “fun of it” with first-degree murder.

Lane was visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship at East Central University. He was simply jogging home from a visit to his girl friend when police say Chancey Allen Luna, 16, Michael Jones, 17, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15, arbitrarily selected him for slaughter. Luna and Edwards are charged with the murder but cannot be subject to the death penalty due to their age. Jones is accused of driving the car and being an accessory.

1f02e3500159fb1c3a0f6a7067008f93Luna is accused of pulling the trigger on the .22 caliber revolver and shooting Lane once in the back. What is interesting is that, in his appearance in court, Jones insisted that “he pulled the trigger.” The judge ordered him to remain quiet. That is still an admission against interest that could be used against him.

The car was captured on a video security system for a nearby business. The evidence will also reportedly include a Facebook page on which one of the killers stated “Bang. Two drops in two hours.”

These teenagers are big beneficiaries of the 2005 ruling of the Supreme Court in Roper v. Simmons, 543 U.S. 551 (2005), where the Court held that it was unconstitutional to apply the death penalty to crimes committed by person under the age of 18. While the three will likely be tried as adults, they would therefore escape the death penalty if convicted.

Police have stated that the at least one of the boys have incriminated the three in the murder. One of the boys is quoted as saying that they were just bored and then Lane walked by.

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  1. Terminator 1, August 21, 2013 at 9:14 am

    So I assume we will have white and Australian leaders demanding that the law be changed to execute these black brutes killing an innocent white youth….

    Australia does not have capital punishment and one of the brutes is white.

  2. I noticed on these shitbirds Facebook pages they had stacks of c notes. Money is a great boredom cure. Boredom was not the issue.

  3. Gene, That’s a fascinating story! It may be creepy for me to say this to a son but your mom must be a looker! I had some dealings w/ Iranians last year. My daughter picked a Persian restaurant for her wedding. I loved the guys, 2 brothers and the old man. The old man mostly sat around drinking Persian coffee, which is the best coffee ever. These guys hated the “little Hitler” running their country. I suspect this family came here in the 1970’s before the Shah fell. Knowing a bit about the culture I knew dickering was part of the game and it could get a bit heated. Although, I’ve had much more heated negotiations. And, when we got to the price I then played the trump card. “I’ll pay for the whole deal in cash.” They gave a big smile, and we knocked it down ~20%. I LOVE cash.

  4. How is your personal security?

    Do you sometimes get sloppy & complacent as many of us do?

    Were you one of those supporting the get tough on crime approach back in the 70’7-80’s, Nixon/Reagan etc….

    Do you know think maybe outsourcing all those USA jobs over seas, allow Wallst/City of London Banks/Insur Co’s riping us all off along with the raise of the fascist police state/prison industrial complex actually created much more crime then it stopped, like I believe?

    I think many of us may have the same concerns as Mr Cooper should have had, personal security.

    I understand Mr Cooper below had a successfully career & was retired.

    Dont’cha think just maybe he & like mind people help incubate his own killers or at least in many cases?

    3-4 hours North of Duncan:

  5. Joy,

    If they are true sociopaths, which is a distinct possibility, no amount of teaching would change that. Their brains are broken.

  6. nick,

    There’s not much to tell. Me, my mom and step-father were in an airport waiting for a connecting flight. This guy who claimed to be a Saudi prince came over and started to talk to my step-father about how beautiful my mom was. I tend not to doubt the claim based on his clothing and jewelry were obviously high quality bespoke and he was wearing a real high end Omega watch (I can tell the difference by watching the action). He had an entourage with him, but he left them and approached solo. The conversation soon turned to him offering to buy her. He talked as if she was chattel, not even there, and in pretty crude terms I’m not going to repeat. Like he was buying a horse. He opened his “bidding” at $100,000. He was dead serious. I didn’t say anything. I calmly stood up and was simply going to beat the Hell out of him. My mom could tell from seeing me do various MA things around the house that I was in an aggressive but casual combat ready stance. She put an hand on my arm and gave me a look just about the time my step-father, a former Marine, told this guy to go f–k himself in no uncertain terms. He tried to laugh it off, apparently not used to hearing “no”. He tried to give my step-father a business card at which time my step stood up too and, being a foot taller than this schmuck, made it clear that he should be quiet and go now without using any more words. The turd arrogantly dropped the card on the floor and said “Call me if you reconsider.” My step stepped on the card, but at the time I didn’t know exactly how great an insult that was. In retrospect, I should have applauded. He went back to his entourage, had a good laugh, and went on his way.

    That was my first experience with a Saudi national. While not as contentious as my later encounters with them, none have ever been of better quality or done anything to change my mind that the Saudis have the cultural sophistication of barbarians.

    9/11 sealed the deal.

    I don’t like Saudis. I haven’t for years. I make no bones about it. And it has nothing to do with their race and everything to do with their so-called culture.

    In contrast, I’ve met some very nice Iranians who almost to a one prefer to be called Persians having benefited from the educational reforms under the Shah (who was himself a despicable dictator, but I digress).

  7. Schools around Ok/Texas are opening this week.

    The Schools/Docs/CDC come off as it’s mandatory for their kids to be shot up with sometimes deadly/toxic vaccines even though there are opt out forms that could be offered to parents.

    And again, right on que, just as they med community spreads their toxic vax here is another out break of a disease that they are the ones actually spreading it!

  8. Kraaken, you are 100% correct, but the interest will be over in 3 days.

    Anyone who uses the excuse of BOREDOM in any way, shape, or form who is free to function is confusing this condition with LAZINESS, and/or poor motivational cues, unless one is a village idiot; one with extremely low intelligence. There is so much fascinating information and activities available that surrounds people for free, besides the paid variety, making that common claim to be patently false. These youngsters are sociopaths. Someone failed to show and teach them humanity.

  9. What if these boyz didn’t have over 280 toxic chemicals in their blood when they were born?

    What if they weren’t drinking rat poison Sodium Fluoride in the Water & shot up with toxic vaccines, how differently would they behave?

    These boyz look just like Obama’s sons might look, setting around bored on Tuesday morning Obama & his buddies in the WH decide who gets killed….

    Had those boyz just waited a few more years they could go to work as cops & murder people & be off on paid vacation.

    In a few years they could drive down the road a bit & go to work for USA Murder Inc at McAlester Ammo plant making bombs that kill millions.

    Rape, Robbery, Murder is the USA’s govt’s number one industry isn’t it?

    He’ll, right in the town of Duncan is Halliburton, how many has that company murdered?

    Remember BP, HAL & the Gulf of Mexico down the road from Duncan a few hours?

  10. Gene, Eloquently said. Raff knows a guy who works for the firm Clausen Miller, where I worked back in the 1980’s. Back then, the senior partner was a WW2 vet who fought in the Pacific. He hated the Japanese and did not want any purchases of Japanese equipment. This was when surveillance was switching from 8mm and 35mm to video. Japan owned the market. So, it took some doing, but we did get to buy the equipment needed. But, I was told to NEVER let the sr. partner see it.

    I do not mean to be nosy, because I am not by nature. An irony that betrays my chosen profession. But, if you care to, I would like to hear more details about the Saudi incident. In the places I’ve lived, there have been few Middle Easterners. That is until I started spending time in San Diego, which has become a home for many Iraqi Christians. They’re great people. So, personal accounts of dealings w/ Middle Easterners is something that interests me.

  11. nick,

    The teacher in question was very much of that same ilk. He’d be the first to tell you that there is only one species – homo sapiens sapiens – and there isn’t a dimes bit of difference between the races, but that he hated the Japanese without exception was without question. In that regard, I look at racism as fundamentally different from disliking a culture. Racism is inherently irrational. Disliking a culture can be perfectly rational. For example, I have no issue with many of the people I’ve met of Arabic ancestry who grew up in a different culture or successfully acclimated to another culture, but I’ve never – and I do mean never – met a Saudi national that I liked. Although that may be bias related to the fact one of those Saudi Royal pigs literally tried to buy my mom at an airport when we were traveling when I was a teenager. To this day, I suspect he doesn’t know how close he came to getting the living shit beat out of him. The only thing that stopped me was my mother’s surreptitious intervention. Just a hand on my arm and a look. She could tell just by the way I was standing when I stood up that I was about to put the hurt on him. Bias is not always irrational. It is not always the enemy but sometimes based on experience and reason. Irrationality is the enemy. Always. And while I don’t share in my former teachers hatred of all things Japanese, I most certainly understand it and that it wasn’t irrational or unreasonable.

  12. I learned via my son that “bored” can mean many things for a teenage boy. It could mean boredom, or anger, or sadness, or rejection, or a combo of those emotions as well as others.

  13. Gene, Unbroken was a very tough, and necessary book to read. My old man was as open minded as any guy I knew growing up. However, when it came to the “Japs,” he was much different. They tortured his good friend for over a year. Joe Greene returned weighing 96 lbs. w/ severe nerve damage. He shook like he had Parkinson’s. Joe died when he was 60 or so. I studied history and understood intellectually how my dad thought. Hillenbrand taught me how my old man felt.

  14. Darren,

    I once had a wise teacher – high school biology – who acquired his wisdom the hard way. He spent a considerable amount of time as young man in a Japanese POW camp. He had stories that could make your hair turn white about the depth of cruelty and violence humans are capable of. He told me something one day that has stuck with me over the years and proven to be true. “The worst things in the world are boredom and unrequited love.”

  15. This type of “because I was bored” mentality is more widespread than people realize, that the defendants actually admitted to it, it involved a terrible murder of this Australian man, and it made the national news is why it appeared so sudden and garnered such shock and dismay.

    Though it involved lesser crimes, I saw this occasionally at work. Bored, disassociated, and crime prone youth often sit around with nothing to do and for the fun or thrill of it they go on criminal rampages. Typically, in this situation you will see rampages where they will go on vandalism, theft or graffiti tagging sprees with dozens of victims in one night. Once in a while they will go on assault sprees but this is usually at one location.

    Mindless, bored, and crime prone youth are sometimes a ticking time bomb.

  16. I’m going to go with what Personanongrata and Kraaken said with the supplement that we are all killers. The angels of our better nature cannot change that we are still semi-aquatic omnivorous plains apes that evolved into apex predators. That’s why we run about the planet as if we own the place.

  17. Hmmm. During the Trayvon Martin case the thing I kept hearing was ‘What if the shoe was on the other foot? That Zimmerman was the one shot and killed?’ Ok, people where’s the outrage? And if you’re thinking that this is different, you’re right. The victim here did absolutely nothing and the alleged killers killed without any kind of motive except they were bored. In a very real way, this killing was MUCH worse than Trayvon Martin

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