Washington Man Arrested After Allegedly Firing Arrow With Marijuana Attached Into Prison

170px-Robin_shoots_with_sir_Guy_by_Louis_Rhead_1912If David Wayne Jordan, 36, goes to prison, he is likely to be viewed as the modern Robin Hood. In this case, the man of Bellingham forest was using his skill with a bow to bring marijuana to the men of Whatcom County Jail. The arrow with a small baggie of pot missed the alleged target, the second-floor recreation area. After his arrest, Jordan insisted that he was aiming at a squirrel. Presumably, the squirrel would eat the pot, become disoriented and then fall to its death outside of the prison wall.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo simply noted dryly, “He had no explanation as to why squirrel hunting requires attaching marijuana to an arrow.”

A witness identified Jordan’s red Ford pickup truck. What is interesting is that Jordan was seen when people were coming to work at 8:40 am. Not an ideal time for air delivery of narcotics. The arrow bounced off a screen and landed on the roof. Jordan was later arrested at home. Sheriff Elfo — playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in this story — sent in his men who had to force their way into Jordan’s house.

He was arrested on suspicion of introducing contraband to a corrections facility in the third degree, resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement. I am actually surprised that there was not additional charges for reckless endangerment.

The problem is that Jordan’s attempt has inspired hundreds of people to try to airlift contraband into the jail. This was the scene this morning:

Source: Bellingham Herald

12 thoughts on “Washington Man Arrested After Allegedly Firing Arrow With Marijuana Attached Into Prison”

  1. don’t listen to’em squeeks.

    but that shooting an arrow in your sleep, i thought that was just a guy thing.

  2. Nick,

    I’ve don’t think I’ve ever met Kinky…. I’ve read quite a bit of good stuff about him…. I have smoked a few of his stogies…. Squeaky needs classes on poems… Dylan could have pulled it off…. Just sayin….

  3. Squeeky, I know Kinky Friedman, Kinky Friedman is a friend of mine. Dear woman, you’re no Kinky Friedman.

  4. Well, with apologies to Longfellow, this is how I see the interrogation going down:

    The Arrow of His Ways?

    I shot an Arrow in the air,
    It fell to Earth wherever, Man.
    Like, Arrows do not have a care.
    Like me, in my Volkswagen van.

    With all the flowers on the side,
    Oh Wow! That is like, really deep!
    Like, Neil Young by the riverside
    I shotttt myyyy arrroooowww, in my sleep.

    Sooo, then there’s like this prison there,
    Who could of knowed, Man, it was dark!
    That’s all I have to say, I swear.
    I was just sleeping in the park.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. DEB,

    If this is Washington state,,.. Chances are it was good bud….

  6. What a shame………….. Wasted some good ”Bud” too………..

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