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  1. Excellent advice, Blouise.

    I would add that a vocal coach, highly trained in vocal pedagogy with tween-age children, could help her keep her pure, unstrained sound to protect those talented vocal cords for a lifetime of singing. I’ve seen too many talented young singers do permanent damage to their cords by belting out notes in an unhealthy way.

    I wish Kamryn a lifetime of the joy of singing!

  2. She’s good but not great. Perhaps, with lessons she will be great. Didn’t seem to even come close to the quality of Charlotte Church; and whatever happened to her. I have a twin sister who had one of the best voices I ever heard. She doesn’t sing any more because of her singing life in her 20s and 30s. Unfortunately, I am subjected to singing lessons on a daily basis whenever she hears a young singer. Most are pretty awful in her book because they don’t know “how to sing properly”. Like Otteray Scribe, it is fascinating to see the arrival of these talents. How they do as they get older can be enjoyable or sad because the real world of “show business” is a very hard world.

  3. davidbluefish.

    Yes, it is the Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, composed by Elgar. A.C. Benson wrote lyrics for the music in 1902.

    Great Britain does not have an official national anthem, they have several. The most commonly heard is “God Save the Queen (or King)”. To me, this is the more powerful anthem.

  4. OS, or other knowledgeable folks here, Land of hope and glory sounds a lot like pomp and circumstance to me. Are they the same?
    ….I teared up the same, just as I have done at every graduation I have been to. :o)

  5. Glory days, raff, glory days. 🙂

    gbk helped me out last year when he made arrangements to have a very old record I cut for my parents (the very first at the age of 7) taken off the fragile disc, mastered and transferred to a CD. I have several recording made through the years but that one was my parents’ favorite. The kids and grandkids made their choice from the songs and set them as ringtones on their phones. It’s quite entertaining when we’re all out to dinner and their phones ring … it’s like a chorus of mini-mes.

    Lots of good things and good people on this blog!

  6. I have long been fascinated by talents that show up early. Next is to see how they last. The first time I saw Alison Krauss on TV, she was 14. I knew then she was a monumental talent and hoped she would do well. I was not disappointed. LeAnn Rimes was 13 when her big hit “Blue” came out. She seems to have done all right as well. I hope Jackie Evancho’s handlers know what they are doing, but only time will tell.

    When I was young, we sat around the radio and listened to broadcasts from England during the Battle of Britain. Vera Lynn was always one of my favorites, singing songs like, “White Cliffs of Dover,” and “We’ll Meet Again.” She was young too in those days, but was beloved by the troops as well as civilians on both sides of the Atlantic. Vera Lynn’s music career peaked not too long after the war, but she kept singing and recording. In 1962, she did a concert in the Netherlands which was filmed in black and white. She was 45 years old at the time, and at the peak of her vocal powers. Find some of her early recordings made in the late 1930s and early 1940s and compare them to this performance when her voice had fully matured:

  7. What a wonderful performance. Blouise, I did not know that one of your many talents was singing. You are right about the workout tips. I was tired just watching her! 🙂
    From someone who cannot carry a tune, she amazed me.

  8. First order of business:

    Hire a good Entertainment Law lawyer.


    Take lessons on a string instrument (violin, viola, cello) to aid in tuning the ear. (String instruments are the closest to the vocal chords) … 2x a month lessons

    Hire a diction coach who specializes in vocal and versed in all languages … 2x a month lessons

    Hire a music theory coach … 1x a month lessons

    Walk at least 1 mile every day, rain or shine, carrying soup cans in each hand, swinging arms. Walking thus is the best way to build buttocks, thigh, back, and shoulder muscles all of which are given a massive workout during a performance.

    Do daily exercises to develop and strengthen diaphragm and lung capacity … these exercises can also be incorporated into the mile walk.

    Do not, at this age, take strenuous voice lessons as the vocal chords are not fully developed and damage done during development can not be undone.

    When out in inclement weather always cover the mouth to keep cold air off the chords and lungs.

    As to the choice of performance garb … wear what gives you confidence and freedom of movement. The gown worn in this performance was both age and performance appropriate.

    Hire a good Entertainment Law lawyer!

  9. A great voice is a gift from God, or Mother Nature, so as not to alienate anyone this morning.

  10. It ain’t over till the young girl sings!

    You can hear where things aren’t quite there yet, nevertheless, she has real passion. The passion is what makes her stand out. Training will help with the rest.

    Way to go young sister!!! Keep it up!

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