Worst WiFi Ever: BBC Anchor Confuses Ream of Printer Paper With iPad

bbc-ipad-247x349BBC News anchor Simon McCoy cause quite a chuckle this week by apparently confusing a ream of printer paper for an iPad. Of course, while the weight was a bit much and the WiFi horrible, the ream appeared to have the same connectivity over some 4G networks as an actual iPad. This network is more 3M and 4G.

Making the gaff a bit more embarrassing is the fact that McCoy was reporting on a story on problem drinking, as shown below. One has to give him credit for showing the legendary British resolve in continuing despite the mistake. He surely realized within minutes that he had grabbed the ream of paper either thinking it was his iPad or simply absent-mindedly. Rather than dropping the paper on the floor with a great thud, he simply continued on as if it was perfectly normal to hold a ream of standard white, HP Multipurpose 150 Paper while reporting the news. Only “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” stand in the midday news in this fashion.

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  1. Well…. H is doing an imprecation of Obama….. I’m almost certain….at leasthe knows what an iPad should look like…. Obamas still not clear about the constitution….

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