Taking It To The Limit: Woman Cuts 64-Year Old Housemate For Playing Eagles Music

By Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

baderI’ve seen some tough music reviews but 54-year-old  Witchy Woman Vernett Bader takes the cake. Incensed by her housemate’s incessant playing of top Eagles tunes like Hotel California, Lyin’ Eyes, and Life in the Fast Lane, Bader grabbed a 14-inch “steely knife” and cut her 64-year-old victim several times on the arm and hand. This  One of These Nights left Bader charged as a Desperado and facing a sentence for aggravated criminal domestic violence and her victim with a Hole in His World. The night’s Peaceful Easy Feeling was Already Gone when  both parties became so intoxicated that  they could not agree on the music. Proclaiming “I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore,” Bader downed her last Tequila Sunrise and went for the blade after her victim told her to “shut up” and thus starting her on her not so Long Road Out Of Eden.

For his part, her unnamed victim — feeling a bit like a Certain KInd Of Fool  for continually playing the rock music from his favorite band — was contemplative, proclaiming his relationship with Bader a Waste of Time, and lamenting her Frail Grasp of the Big Picture. He vowed to move on in life even After the Thrill [was] Gone. Adding that he’d Get Over It, our victim admitted  that he Can’t Tell [Us] Why the fight happened in the first place.

South Carolina officials will have to advise us if Bader is Guilty of the Crime, or not.

Here’s The Eagles To explain:

Source: Click Orlando

~Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

18 thoughts on “Taking It To The Limit: Woman Cuts 64-Year Old Housemate For Playing Eagles Music”

  1. For those who did not want to bother to watch the video:

    Eagles playing ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ on the radio in the cab.

    The Dude: Jesus, man, can you change the channel?

    Cab Driver: F#@k you man! You don’t like my f#@king music, get your own f#@king cab! I’ll pull over to the side and kick your a$$ out!

    The Dude:

    Man, come on, I had a rough night, and I hate the f#@king Eagles, man.


    Cab Driver: Outa my f#@kin’ cab.

    * * *

  2. i dont even know where to begin. so ill say wow Mark you bought back memories of how i used to write stories using songs same as you did in this blog!!!!!! awesome blog Mark perfect catch Blouise,, Beldar you are not alone in that assessment i had to close my eyes for about 10 mins to clear my thinking chakra , id love to hear Darren and Nick sing a couple of the songs lol. Disgusted quit trying to give mayor scumberg ideas lol….

    Great job by all of you….

  3. These cuttings must be becoming more frequent since the demise of the phonograph and thus the ability to simply scratch the stylus across the record in protest, ruining it.

  4. Is it possible for this blog to pull that photo? I caused a meltdown on my Acer computer. I am at the library now using their computer and there is a line down the middle of the screen which looks permanent. So, two computers in one morning because of one very ugly photo.

  5. Yep Blouise,

    I was thinking of putting down the lyrics…. But,…. There’s just too many other song titles to do….l

  6. But you left out…. The Greeks don’t want no Freaks…….. And Guilty of the Crime…How Long…..I don’t want to hear you anymore…. Heartache a Tonight….it’s Your World Now….Wasted Time and you’re not alone…..after the thrill is gone….

    Not a woman I want to know…. But will she be one of the pretty maids all in a row….

  7. Hey man, how in the heck could you have left out my favorite and perfectly apropos …

    The Greeks Don’t Want No Freaks

    There was beer all over the dance floor
    and the band was playin` rhythm and blues
    You got down and did the gator, and half
    an hour later, you were barfin` all over your
    Girlfriend`s shoes.

    But the Greeks don`t want no freaks.
    The Greeks don`t want no freaks
    Just put a little smile on them rosy
    `Cause the Greeks don`t want no freaks.
    She was the pride and the passion of Dixie
    She did exactly what her daddy had planned.
    She was perfect little sister until somebody missed
    her and they found her in the bushes with
    the boys in the band
    But the Greeks don`t want no freaks
    The Greeks don`t want no freaks

    So put a great big smile on them rosy cheeks,
    `Cause the Greeks don`t want no freaks
    No, the Greeks don`t want no freaks
    Said, the Greeks don`t want no freaks

    Just put that monster smile on them rosy cheeks
    `Cause the Greeks don`t want no freaks
    No, the Greeks don`t want no freaks,


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