Jacksonville Man Sues After Arrest For “Walking On Wrong Side Of The Street”

JSO_Badgeku-bigpicThe Jacksonville Sheriff’s office clearly has a lot of crime to address when its officers are arresting people for “walking on the wrong side of the road.”  That is what Bobby Wingate says happened to him. He says that the officer punched him and threatened to taser him for the heinous offense.

Wingate says that he was on his way to an appointment in Arlington when an officer pulled up alongside Wingate and told him to stop. Wingate says that he said he was late for his appointment and the officer told him that he was breaking the law by “walking down the wrong side of the road.” He says that the officer punched him in the face and threatened to use his taser.

It is then that Wingate called for help . . . the police. In his 911 call, Wingate told the dispatcher “He said do I really want to fight him? I haven’t done anything wrong.”

The State Attorney’s office actually prosecuted him for resisting arrest without violence and walking down the wrong side of the road. That’s right. The State Attorney fought to convict him of walking on the wrong side of the street until a judge threw the charges out of court. He says that the officer actually could not recall what side of the road was the wrong side of the road. Then there is the always flexible theory of “resisting arrest without violence” — the perfect bookend charge to “walking on the wrong side of the street.” It is not clear if calling the police is one such criminal act of resistance without violence.

Wingate is now suing. However, the deputy is still with the Sheriff’s Office and there is no indication of any discipline. He is still presumably policing to keep people on the right side of the road . . . whatever that might be.

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  1. I’m confused – how does one walk on the wrong side of the street? Was he on a sidewalk, in the road? I thought “one way” signs were for motor vehicles. I guess technically if you’re walking on the side of a road you should be facing traffic, but I wasn’t aware of actual enforceable laws to this effect. Really, though, arresting someone – not enough real crime to worry about Jacksonville?

  2. Mike,

    I agree…

    So how have you been… Had a wonder time in Indian shores a while back…nice folks…

  3. Hmmm, I posted a comment some time ago that seems to be missing, can someone dig it up please?

  4. “the deputy is still with the Sheriff’s Office and there is no indication of any discipline.” (JT)

    Lots of cronyism and nepotism in Sheriff’s offices … this was probably cousin Myrtle’s son … you know, the one who could never seem to hold a job ’cause of his hair-trigger temper.

  5. This is part of what happens when people in power, big to small, realize there is no longer the rule of law. In this case, thank goodness, the judge was old school and ruled according to law.

    We now have rule by law against the powerless. Women of all colors, race, class, men of non-white race and everyone in the wrong class knows what this is. However, the gutting of the rule of law at the national level has intensified and extended this disaster.

    People in power must be held to account for their lawlessness. I still am not certain that a majority of our population understands the need for this yet, but soon enough, they will.

  6. While I have no doubt that the over-zealousness of the Jacksonville Police is influenced by tourism consideration, I still believe that at least partially this man was guilty of “living while Black”. Of course the officer was probably also guilty of “thuggery under law”.

  7. I had to read this twice because I thought I had missed some important piece of evidence, like a bag of pot sticking out of a back pocket or wearing a hoodie or maybe even refusing for whatever reason to walk on the sidewalk and walking instead in the street proper. I was, unfortunately, not surprised to learn that (as the kids say now) It is what it is. Walking on the wrong side of the street. Then, again, it IS Florida.

  8. The police in every city, town and hamlet in this country are so infused with their godlike natures that simply responding without bowing is an offense. I am glad the judge threw it out but now not only should the victim of this police officer get a lot of money but the State attorney should be disbarred and fired and the police officer should go to JAIL for assault!

    Police officers and prosecutors are racking up a lot of arrests of innocent citizens who then have to pay for attorneys to defend themselves against bogus charges that prosecutors hope they can get convictions on to plump up there stats. We are all at risk!

  9. No Elaine…. In Jacksonville, Florida…. Even whites get harassed….. They have been ordered by the mayor and tourism folks to keep the city safe…..

    A few years ago… I was in Jacksonville….. At a bar… When I was leaving to go back to the hotel… The cops were harassing folks… The homeless to be specific…. I stood there and watched…. This was before everyone had cell cameras… I filmed it as I was waiting for an assault….

    After it was said and done I asked the officer why they were being asked to move… A Sgt stated that they had had trouble with panhandlers and they were trying to make sure that no one felt harassed….

    If you really think about it… Not much different than any other dictator government…. They remove the undesirables…..in one way or the other….

  10. Dea vu. Wingate commited a crime alright, just not one that is on the books. America now has a permanent 2-tier system of justice; one justice for “us” and another for “them”. Mr Wingate either mistakenly claimed to be one of “us” or refused to defer to the obvious superiority of the deputy, thus consigning him to be one of “them”. This is unbearable to the ubiquitous authoritarian thugs in our law enforcement community.

    They need to be referred to as “Master” or they go ape-shit. Story after story retells this basic tale.

  11. Heilige scheisse, Fledermausmann!!! And I thought I had it bad when some commissary queen blocked me from going the “wrong way” down a one-way aisle at the commissary at Fort Ord. You know the kind; wearing a muu-muu, hair in curlers,cart full of Totino’s Frozen Pizzas, six packs of diet sodas ringing the top of the cart… Yeah, that’s her. Turned around to go the “right way”, then when she bent over to reach for something on the shelf, blew by her like any young GI would do…

    As for Mr. Wingate, hope he makes the JSO bend over, too!

  12. This guy is still breathing? Chicago cops would have killed him for that…even if he was 95 and in a nursing home….


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