Documents Details Near Nuclear Explosion Over North Carolina Due To Air Force Accident

Slim-pickens_riding-the-bomb_enh-loresInvestigative journalist Eric Schlosser has uncovered near disaster of epic proportions after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request confirmed that a 4 megaton nuclear bomb almost exploded over North Carolina in 1961 — an explosion that would have been 260 times more powerful than Hiroshima and would have devastated the United States. What is amazing is that, once again, the government used classification laws to hide that fact that it almost destroyed the large part of the country and was saved by a simple low-voltage switch that fortunately was able to deactivate the armed bomb. The details were hidden for over fifty years by the government.

250px-Nuclear_fireballThe incident occurred when a B-52 bomber broke up in mid-air. For years, many objected to the flying of such weapons over populated areas due to the danger of accidents, which occurred repeatedly in this country and other countries. In this case, two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs fell to Earth on January 23, 1961 and one of the bombs went “hot” with a deployed parachute, trigger mechanism engaged, and ready to explode. Only the single low-voltage switch stopped the explosion. If that little switch had malfunctioned or was damaged, the Air Force would have unleashed the equivalent of 4 million tons of TNT explosive on this country — sending lethal fallout over Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and as far north as New York city.

One would have thought that such an accident would have led to a public debate over safety protocols and flight patterns. However, that did not occur because the public was never told. Instead, Congress and the military repeatedly assured the public that such flights were entirely safe and subject to overlapping failsafe systems.

You will notice that there is no call in Congress to investigate the use of classification laws to hide the incident for over 50 years. Indeed, the story has been barely reported at all.

We do however have a picture of our military safety team responding to the mishap:

Source: Guardian

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  3. @Blouise – Guess who’s on the FRONT PAGE of the Hartford Courant newspaper today? From 1940’s a special “baseball fence” at Yale he sat on once and they took a photo of him. Yup you guessed it! When will this B.S. stop?! The man is a frickin’ war criminal just like his son. The entire family’s hands are NOT clean… Being a SIS-ter you must know about his term in office at you know where in Northern VA? And he looks just like Mr. Burns. You think Matt Groenig was on to something? 🙂

  4. Blouise 1, September 27, 2013 at 1:28 pm


    That’s what I meant when referring to taking a rest by leaning on the back wall and falling through an unknown door. Once inside, the urge to get out must quickly devolve into panic mode!

    Amen sister! That’s why so many of them write books after getting out. Some of them SCREAM “The hubris-ridden emperor has no clothes!”. Alas, no one is listening. Have you ever read Michael F. Scheuer’s work? Very interesting stuff. Explains how we (USA) goofed up with u-know-who. He teaches at Georgetown now. He says we are shooting ourself in the foot with Syria. Now Mr. Obama and Netanyaho are saying “Sorry Assad. Your count is waaay off dude!” IOW no matter what Assad does will not be enough to save him from a a$$-kickin’ from our (USA) “ships of Kittim”.
    Blouise 1, September 27, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    As to Ike … I’m not so sure it was a fear based decision not to trust anyone so much as an intellectual one.

    I agree… however, I think the “fear of the unknown” just crawled up his spine and kept him thinking 7 x 24. I mean Hitler’s secret V-weapons were/are “otherworldly”. He knew about them as his spies kept him in the loop. Then there was Mr. Burns (POI) and his motley crew with Donavan and Dulles.

    Donovan was a loose-cannon enough. Then there’s Mr. Burns and his father helping schikle-gruber with light arms like assault rifles from Connecticut. And Mr. Burns works for us – supposedly! And then that Consp Theorist up there in my posting says Mr. Burns also helped Otto steal technology from Tesla before WW2 and was used in the V-weapons R&D. Then CT says Otto and Burns snuffed Old man Nikola with a pillow in his over-priced hotel room. You see what I mean by rabbit holes and mirrors? Who do you believe?


  5. As to Ike … I’m not so sure it was a fear based decision not to trust anyone so much as an intellectual one.

  6. SOTB,

    That’s what I meant when referring to taking a rest by leaning on the back wall and falling through an unknown door. Once inside, the urge to get out must quickly devolve into panic mode!

  7. @Blouise – Being that your a SIS-ter you must understand the dilemma some of these guys & dolls go through when they join-up after college recruitment gun-ho ready to fight the good fight only to find out the deck is totally stacked with phoneys and money-mongers (like our POI above). 60+ years of b*llsh*t propaganda about this & that and the all day suckers who call themselves real “Conspiracy Theorists” think they have it all figured out. Little do some of them know (or maybe they do) THEY are sometimes part of the schema too.

    I mean what kinda’ devious mind sits around thinking all this lunatic-fringe rabbit-hole “mirror” sh*t up as Kingfisher used to say. I mean he was crazy as a loon too. But he did have a few of them burrowing moles nailed (i.e. Philby, Colby, etc). But at the end of the day HE was thought to be a mole too. Go figure…

    Like in the TV series X-Files, Chris Carter wrote that just ONE MAN was the single causation for all conspiracy style plans over a 60+ year period in USA. I know that sounds like the POI above, and may be true. But the rabbit holes are many and the mirrors just confuse the hell outta’ everyone. I can’t understand how they (or he) keeps everything in order up in the ol’ noggin.

    Case in point: WW2 was a extremely confusing time-period for me as I like getting a lot of data to analyze before coming to a central conclusion. I can’t see how General Eisenhower keep everything straight in his head (maybe that’s why he smoked so much). Of course FDR and Truman actually used their “men” to do that for them. But Ike really didn’t have anyone he could trust. Not even our ol’ buddy POI up there. Couldn’t trust POI even when Ike became POTUS. I’m still fascinated how POI is still living today. Human growth hormone? Who knows…

    Dammit Babs!…
    From Simpsons Cold Harsh Winter: “Hello my Legion of Doom!” Mr. Burns said as Waylon Smither’s whispered to his ear. “What… uh huh… there dead… I’ve been working with terrorist… Russian ultranationalist… German Nazi’s… a bunch of hobo’s?… I see… Anyway, forget what I said about me working with the Legion of Doom, terrorist, ultranationalist, Nazi’s, and a bunch of hobo’s.

    “What did you say?” Homer asked.

    “Uh… nothing…”
    Montgomery Burns’ Explanation of the FISCAL CLIFF:

  8. SOTB,

    That’s the problem with these guys and dolls … you think you have it all figured out so you stop to take a rest and lean against the back wall and fall through a door you didn’t even know existed.

    Some of ’em are better than good.

  9. @Blouise – Yeah but Don Nicoloff may be a little OFF. I located a picture of the POI (person of interest) at age-13 in 1937. I took his picture of Don Nicoloff’s POI at age-14 in 1938. They don’t look alike at all! The POI has a lifelong high hairline to his left with a comb-over since he was a baby in Milford MA. I located a toddler photo of POI from 1925. I think the NAZI senior citizen on his death-bed may have been slightly FOS. His name was Otto Skorzeny.

    I’m starting to think people have been had by some very clever 37F psy-warriors straight out of Ft Bragg… IOW make the POI Conspiracy Theory look sooo very retarded that no one will ever believe the TRUE version of the back-story. Great way to hide in plain sight.

    Here’s a US Army promo video for 37F Psy-Warriors. Maybe Don Nicoloff was one of them once? Otto was a propagandist too. So maybe the whole story is FUBAR (f*ck up beyond all recognition) or just plain-old FOS (full of sh*t). You know I don’t like the POI nor his family AT ALL! But this is totally FOS I’m thinking now…


  10. @Blouise – Yes you’re right about OPC. I think the game-plan went like this: Allen Dulles and Bill Donovan discovered some fascinating things with the NAZIS via Rudolph Hess’ big mouth while locked up in a Scottish prison. He only died still there a few decades ago. They didn’t believe Churchill’s claims of saucers planes, high-tech missiles, jet planes, Antarctic secret bases, etc. They got Bryd to verify the bases with Op High Jump. Proved to be partially true when they found Dry Lakes Region. Then they were attacked by a directed energy weapon and at least one pilot was killed.

    Then there was a MIA U-Boat commander that spilled his guts about the SS secret V-Weapons we are STILL learning about today. Most of them were trickled down via Civilian Technology Transfer via General Twining of Pentagon FTD. They used the cover story of aliens and UFO’s.

    Someone at OSS/CIA (Jim Angelton?) got the bright idea of using the 1938 War of the Worlds story as their back-story to hide Operation Overcast/Paper Clip from Truman. Truman had an EO that said NO NAZI SCIENTISTS! They found a way to sneak them in via South America on this “missing-in-action” U-Boat. The rumor goes that even HITLER and EVA were still alive aboard the vessel. Not sure about that but some say they have proof of that – it seems credible.

    Then later they brought in THOUSANDS more paper clips. The Operation was not sunsetted until the 1990’s! You’re right all sorts of “false flags” (i.e. counterfeit documents) were made up for them. They moved to places like EASTBUMPHUQ NJ etc. They maintained their cover for decades, and continue today.

    ONE OF THEM OPC’s, Hitler’s personal body guard, supposedly died in Spain in 1975 (CIA cover story?). But actually he told this Jewish kid in Fla. who was trying to date his daughter that he was in fact still alive and was dying. He gave him a box of photos and a lot of NAZI documents. Guess who was in the photos as a kid in 1938 in Austria NOT as advertised to US public? Then this guy goes on to explain how hardly any of this guy’s back story nor his father actually checks out upon deep back-grounding! The boy’s dad becomes a US Senator and the boy becomes a POTUS by way of his college buddies. That’s a holy shiat moment!

    You can read this Conspiracy Theorist rant by Googling Don Nicoloff. And Birthers were worried about Mr. Obama’s birth place!

    “Babs what is wrong with this fella’? I don’t want anybody to know this old stuff! I thought it was all uber-sanitized decades ago. Dammit where’s Ollie North when I need ’em?” – “Calm down George – Ollie is still updating his $600,000 burglar alarm system I think…”

  11. “computer dedicated to coming up with innocuous operational mission names” (SOTB)

    I guess everybody gets blacksmith-ed eventually (not to worry son, those horseless carriages will never catch on)

    Operation Paperclip created false employment and political biographies for Nazi scientists, paperclipping the bleached political personae to their resumes thus bypassing the Truman’s orders not to hire Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. Are you suggesting … chuckle, chuckle …

  12. @Blouise – I saw a movie once, I think it was Raid on Entebbe, where the IDF or Mossad had a computer dedicated to coming up with innocuous operational mission names. The code name never reveals the nature of the real mission. Like Operation Orchard doesn’t sound like an illegal Israeli attack on Syria to setup the next operation desired: Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran!

    Fear had my dad going. The fear must have been transferred to me subliminally as in 1962 I used to dream about underground torpedoes headed for the house like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon (tunneling like a high-speed mole). And I never knew I was only a few miles from a 2 US Air Force bases and 2 US Navy Bases. And I was growing up with Bruce Wylls and John O. Brenann only a few miles from me all the same age. Talk about a coincidence. One an adventure-genre Hollywood actor portraying fearful paramilitary things today and the other actually doing them.

    I wish I knew them and not only through mutual friends. I think they both were bullies in High School. I attracted them a lot as I was a “Sheldon Leonard”-type character (TBBT Tv show). Except unlike Sheldon I was more of a Jedi with mentalist-skills and avoided a**-kickings using psychological ploys. Except these 2 brothers who seem to have a X-Men Magneto-style invisible helmet that block any mind games. They were horrible people who teamed up to terrorize EVERYBODY at school in the 60’s (even faculty were fearful of them). And there last names were HARMON (i.e. get it, harm men?), The Harmon Brothers. They are both probably hit-men for hire now or dead.

    Maybe if I actually knew John we could have DEALT with them the way he does today with “troublemakers”. I shudder to think how his mind works. Probably build a remote control airplane with some sort of weapon attached to it huh? He probably would have coined the phrase “Predator Drone” a lot earlier than he actually did. We could have talked Bruce into flying it with extreme prejudice… 😉

    Well anyway Goldsboro is the least of our worries. There are more scary things buried in places in USA I would not want to live next to. For instance: Thank goodness no one really lives near this mountain in Nevada – 36°56′25″N 116°29′06″ (punch into Google Earth).

    And talk about scary things flying around with nukes in them. Well not to far from those coordinates is a Air Force base that tested and actually operationally flew a device thought to be a UFO of alien proportions. Only to find out it was one of our Cold War nuclear nightmares for Soviet Union. We (USA) called it the “Lentricular Re-entry Vehicle” or LRV. here’s a link to read up about it. Not very well known:

    I’ve met people who worked on this thing and saw it at a Utah AFB before launch date. Kinda’ sorta’ proves “our aliens” where actually Operation Paper Clip NAZI scientists. They helped US with the Cold War. Maybe in more ways than one. One particular secret German family they could have kept for Nuremburg… “Babs! There he goes again! Dammit! Read my lips I’m gonna’ do it Babs!” – “Now Calm down George nobody knows who you really are…”

    President Roosevelt summed it up correctly: “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!”

  13. “I think this is why USAF came up with so many code-wards for this type of incident like Broken Arrow, Bent Spear, etc.” (SOTB)

    They all like their spiffy code names. I wouldn’t be surprised if each branch has a unit whose only job is inventing code words.

    You know, everybody likes to talk about the “fear” the government wants to instill in the populace today but man, back then the fear hype was far greater. Nuclear bomb drills in schools, people building shelters in their back yards, airplanes flying overhead several times a day carrying nuclear weapons, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of JFK, MLK, and RFK, the domino theory-Nam-the draft … and now we find out our own government, through sheer stupidity or carelessness, almost wiped out an entire segment of the country and who knows, that bomb buried deep in the bog in N.C. could still Chernobyl us.

    Funny how they don’t want to talk about that fear factor.

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