Police in London, Ontario Cite Cheerleaders for Public Nuisance.

Submitted by Darren Smith, Guest Blogger

215px-UWO_logoIn accordance of a new strategy to protect the citizens from bad things happening, London Police Services has instigated last fall Project L.E.A.R.N. Quoting from the police website:

“Successive L.E.A.R.N. Projects have addressed quality of life issues and targeted specific geographic areas traditionally plagued with nuisance type behaviours. L.E.A.R.N project members have provided strict but fair enforcement of by-laws related to parties, parking, open fires, noise, litter and public urination. Provincial offences were strictly enforced in relation to excess alcohol consumption, open alcoholic containers in public, public intoxication, illegal sale of alcohol and any related offences. The most severe behaviours warranted criminal charges such as causing a disturbance and mischief.”

Well it seems that this includes now such broken windows type nuisances as the University’s Cheerleading Squad on its way to the game.

According to thestar.com “The squad was headed to TD Stadium for the Mustangs game against the Queen’s Golden Gaels when they paused to spread some spirit, which was unfortunately met with more than cheers. Their coach of 33 years, David-Lee Tracey, told The Star that three male cheerleaders were throwing a female teammate into the air on Broughdale Ave.[in a parking lane and no traffic on the traveled portion] — a street lined with purple-clad Western students — when police interrupted to write Gow the $140 ticket.”

The explanation written on the ticket was “Causing a nuisance on a public street by conducting a cheerleading performance.” Some might wonder exactly where this type of violation is codified in their traffic ordinance, but maybe such a violation exists.

“London Police have been cracking down during their Project L.E.A.R.N. campaign, which ends Sunday. The aim of it is to address “quality of life issues” and to target “specific geographic areas traditionally plagued with nuisance type behaviours,””

Take one for the team London Police,

Source: The Star

13 thoughts on “Police in London, Ontario Cite Cheerleaders for Public Nuisance.”

  1. I wrote “If you control the vocabulary, you control the conversation.”

    I had it as making something innocent sound like something guity.

    I’ve just seen it work in the opposite way.

    Questions about teh Navy Yard shooter’s clearance:

    An initial Navy review released Sept. 23 found the service didn’t know of a 2004 incident in which Alexis shot out the tires of a car in Seattle because a 2007 background report said he was arrested for “deflating” the tires.

  2. (cheer) you nick you made me spit out my juice laughing.. i can only hope most of my medicine got down before hand…… hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmaooooooo

  3. The Packers are one of the few NFL teams w/o hoochie mama cheerleaders. They would have to import them from out of state. We just got big farm girls here, they eat meat, cheese, etc. and drink beer.

  4. If it was in America they could recite some Cheer that was in fact a petition to their government for redress of grievances over free speech issues. They should chant:
    opCays, opCays! Get off our backs!
    We need soup kitchens without snacks!
    One for the money, Two for the show!
    Put a nickel in the meter and leave us Go!

    This would be protected speech under the First Amendment. Now if they wanted to wear head scarves and cover their faces they need to invoke the Ninth Amendment.

  5. Darren,

    I’ve been to London, Ontario….. This probably is correct about the town….

  6. Some might wonder exactly where this type of violation is codified in their traffic ordinance, but maybe such a violation exists.

    It does not have to be codified anywhere.
    All that is necessary is to dress it up in officious language.

    Walking along a street = disruptive ambulatory activity
    Laughing loudly = excessive gelotological display

    f you control the vocabulary, you control the conversation

  7. Its funny but its not. It would seem that police all over have decided that regular law enforcement is just too boring but legislating new laws on the street and enforcing them immediately upon passage is much more fun. I guess the coach and his squard should be happy they don’t live in the US they might have been tazed or shot.

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