Tuba Torts

I have been warning for years of the dangers of tuba lines and now you can see why. Tuba lines are torts waiting to happen. The question is whether proximate causation for negligence of the first Tuba player covers all six victims or whether the casual chain is cut off after the first fall. It seems clear that the chain reaction is the foreseeable consequence of the original fall.

The students of Lake Travis High School marching band in Texas show their brass by getting up and finishing the performance. However, while the students were fine, two tubas were severely injured. However worry not. You know how fix a broken tuba? A: With a tuba glue.

11 thoughts on “Tuba Torts”

  1. Tuba or not tuba, that is the question.
    Whether to blast until the last, or wait until it is too late.

  2. Most tuba players are a tuba lard….. It’s amazing that no more on damage was done…. It was kinda funny to watch em… The seven stooges….. All in a pile…..

  3. Being in the tuba section of the UW Marching Band is a high honor. They also march solo through the stands playing tunes. I think the Teutonic heritage of this state has something to do w/ it. I guess I shouldn’t be so provincial, I’m speaking of Wi., not Wa.

  4. Don’t be fooled by appearances … somewhere, somehow, a trombonist is involved.

  5. I can smell the waft of your puns from across the country in California. =-)

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