I Didn’t Do It . . . Wait A Minute

SMART-WATER_2687937bLondon police believe they have a colorable claim against Yafet Askale, 28, for breaking into the vehicle. Askale insisted that he was not guilty and then the police brought in an ultraviolet light.

Askale broke into a car fitted with a system that sprays a liquid called SmartWater, which becomes visible under ultraviolet light. He was sprayed while grabbing a laptop and other items in Brent in Greater London. It was a trap car. Residents have been given free kits to outfit their property with the substance — a move that has reportedly resulted in a drop of 80 percent for burglaries and a drop of 40 percent for street robberies.

As for Askale, he got off with a slight sentence and a lot of embarrassment with 49 hours of community service and a fine of £400 costs.

Of course, the biggest danger is that you will be killed as a presumptive zombie before being picked up by police.

Source: Telegraph

19 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do It . . . Wait A Minute”

  1. lmfao, damn we need to do that in the USA, cept for one problem.

    there is so much crime going on, how you going to link a person to the exact crime?

    “well, your honor he has green dye, we don’t know which car he broke into, so just give him 6 months for glowing in the dark”

  2. Darren Smith… You idea about using ‘Holy Water’ is flawed.. I heard in a news report, 2 days ago, that up to 90% of all Holy Water cisterns contain feces…as tested. from babies……….. and other sources.

  3. Darren, you used to jail people for carrying some marijuana? That’s obnoxious. Just kidding.

  4. Ok, I have no issues with this type of protection system… come on…. He did it to himself….


    So what did the guy say if anything…. Did you book him for the weed….

  5. John:

    I’ve one for you. Around 2006, when possession of marijuana was illegal here, I arrested this fellow for violating a protection order. It was just a run-of-the-mill arrest and the suspect was not being a problem. I booked him into the county jail and then afterward went to search the back seat of the car to see if he dropped any contraband (it happens occasionally) so that it wouldn’t be found when he was searched in the jail.

    I found a bindle containing marijuana in the seat. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that day to check the seat before hand at the beginning of my shift (to verify that not any contraband was present) so not wanting to go through an evidence hearing that the state might lose, where the defense could argue that the dope was left by someone else since I didn’t search the seat before hand, I just decided to take it back to the station and destroy it.

    The procedure was to have another officer witness it being flushed down the toilet and it documented. But just before I flushed it, on a hunch I looked on the other side of the paper the dope was in and saw that it was a receipt, made out the the guy I just arrested, with his signature on it.

    And, the dope field tested presumptive positive.

    So I went back to the jail and met with the suspect and a couple jailers around. He declined to talk. So I told him that I thought it curious that I found a bindle of marijuana where he was sitting in the car, with his name and signature on it. He just sat that with this, “I’m done” expression on his face and it made for a laugh or two with the jailers.

  6. Reminds me of the time my kid was in college. His roommate stole a check I had sent for my son.
    I confronted him about it and he denied everything, even though I had a faxed copy of the check showing the fake signature & his counter signature.

    So seeing as how he wouldn’t take responsibility, I got a hold of the bank & they held the tape for police & I filed a complaint.

    He wore the SAME CLOTHES to the police station as he did in the bank video.
    He also tried to deny it to the cops….until he saw the video…

  7. Im sure they will figure out how to wear a plastic bag over their head. lol.

  8. Darren

    yes, but burning one up with holy water may result in an actionable claim. unless you invoke the holyist of holys, stand your ground.

  9. Wimpy sentence for a zombie. Maybe if they made this SmartWater with Holy Water, that would be a real deterrent.

  10. I like this… Because of the technology that we love to hate, for the loss of our privacy. On the plus side, because of the same technology we’re getting much closer to eliminating a great deal of crime…. But now, also… we have to wonder how close we’re getting to, ‘Minority Report.’

  11. Darrel,

    I don’t think self-incrimination will apply here. This is forensic evidence, gatherable by non-intrusive means, not testimony or a DNA sample.

  12. Obviously this provided no hazardous(self incrimination) warning and any Criminal Lawyer worth his fee (paid from/with the proceeds of criminal activity) will have the evidence dismissed…….

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