Bohemian Gravity

This is McGill grad student Tim Blais explaining string theory and we should just give him a Nobel for this and send him along his way.

By the way, the most amazing factoid in this story is not that Queen guitarist Brian May has taken note of this song (as he has) but that Queen guitarist Brian May has a degree in Mathematics and Physics from Imperial College London.

9 thoughts on “Bohemian Gravity”

  1. Outstanding!!! Like Metrocowboy, couldn’t help my ownself, had to subscribe!

  2. “Quantum sooOOooup! Kiss your fields goodbye! Guess Einstein’s theory wasn’t complete at alllllll!”


    Tim Blais, you sir are truly one of a kind. Thank you for rockin’ quanta.

  3. He stands right up there with Freddie Mercury in singing that tune. It was a hoot and it somewhat accomplished its purpose by giving me just a soupcon more of my understanding of quantum theory, which ranks as superficial. I’m now a fan of Tim Blais.

  4. There are a number of musicians that hold prestigious degrees…. I was an early Queen fan….

    The guy did an amazing job….

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