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  1. @nick spinelli – I had to go back and look at the pix to know what you are talking about. I was thinking it was summer and he was wearing a bathing suit so it didn’t register with my brain the kid is wearing shorts. Not terribly concerned about the kid, my eyes went straight to the cat. Poor kitty!

  2. This photo could be considered kiddy/kitty porn by some overzealous DA. I’m not kidding.

  3. RobinH45, obviously the cat “does not” have your tongue. LOL.

    I do wish it had Feinsteins though. She is a Plutocrat and is helping to design a government that supports, promotes and enriches the 0.1%ers.
    The wall between “We the 99” and they the Plutos is geometrically growing.
    Feinstein and her ilk are gathering all the Lollipops!! :o)
    PS. Hows that for a Segue?

  4. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/senatealtmediaoutlawbill30ssep13.shtml


    The alternative media is having a dramatic impact on the worldview of the country, so much so that US Senate is legislating against the only objective press left in the country.

    It is a well-known fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein wants your guns and now she wants control over your words. Feinstein believes that a proposed media shield law should be applied only to who she refers to as “real reporters.” Feinstein chastises other reporters as “basement-dwelling, pajama-clad bloggers with no professional credentials”

    At issue is that the government could soon decide who is a journalist and who is not. Feinstein introduced an amendment, to Senate Bill 558, that defines a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.” The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.” In the definition introduced in Feinstein’s amendment, somebody writing for a small town paper with a circulation of 30 would receive First Amendment protections, but quality news people such as Steve Quayle, John Stadtmiller, Jeff Rense, Doug Hagmann, Stan Deyo, Michael Edwards, Alex Jones, George Noory and Matt Drudge would not be considered journalists and therefore, the First Amendment would not apply to this group of aforementioned newsmen. With the passage of this amendment, our sources would not be privileged and many of our sources would dry up. But Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper can take bribes from the CIA to not cover certain stories, yet Feinstein thinks they deserve protection as authentic journalists. Award winning journalist, Amber Lyon, quit CNN because of the CIA and CNN’s complicity in obfuscating the truth from the American people, for a price. Obviously, journalistic integrity means nothing to someone like Feinstein.

    only half the story click link and read on

  5. Never bring a cat when you ask Mr. Owl: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie-pop.”

    Mr. Owl will have an affirmative defense in this matter.

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